BBQ recipe – preparation of your delicious marinades

Will you wonder why some barbecue dishes taste really good and others do not? The secret to a good barbecue recipe is in the marinade and the quality of the pork. Even if you have a really good barbecue recipe, but your meat is not of good quality and the ingredients you use in your marinades are not really good, your barbecue will not taste really delicious. Often remember that a good BBQ recipe is just a guide, and if you don’t have the right components to go with your BBQ recipe, you can’t really hope to make a very good gyros restaurant.

BBQ delicious marinades

There are numerous BBQ recipes that include very good marinades. Check your BBQ recipe and find out if it contains some excellent marinades. If your BBQ recipe does not contain very good marinades, search the internet for marinade recipes or simply make one yourself. Making marinades is not that hard if you know the basic ingredients to use. On the other hand, you are not really that stuck on making your personal marinades; you can just stop by your favorite grocery store and buy one of those bottled marinades. Yes, these bottled marinades are not quite as fine as homemade marinades, but they really are extremely convenient to use.

Now, if you insist on making your own marinades, you will need the proper materials. A good marinade consists of several ingredients and is usually liquid. Common substances for marinades are oil, acid and spices. The acid in the marinade is used to break down the meat and make it tender. There are several acids that can be used to tenderize the meat. Some of these acidic liquids are vinegar, wine, beer, milk and some fruit juices. If you want to use fruit juice as an acid base, try pineapple juice or orange juice.


The oil in the marinade will keep the meat from drying out during grilling. Peanut oil, vegetable oil, corn oil and olive oil are commonly used for marinades. No, you should never use butter or bacon grease in your marinade. These types of oil will curdle when cold. To add a special flavor to your barbecue, you can add spices to the marinade. For example, if you want to add a Mexican spiciness to your barbecue, add some pepper to your barbecue recipe.