5 tips on how to grill like a pro on a rainy day

If you like to grill in your backyard, you’ve probably grilled in the rain before. Unless it’s raining really hard (so hard that you can’t stop), there are things you can do to keep grilling. It’s even better if you’re prepared – especially if you’re expecting rain, but still need to fire up your tandoor grill!

Here are some tips on how to grill like a pro even on a rainy day:

Find shelter

Ideally, you’ll want to set up a permanent covered grilling station so you can continue grilling no matter the weather. But if that’s not possible, you can try temporary solutions. Investing in a grill canopy or retractable awning for your porch or patio is a good solution.

But if you need a quick fix, a large patio umbrella or tarp should do the trick. A 5-gallon bucket full of water or sand is a good anchor.

Cook your food ahead of time

If you’ve planned your barbecue on a day when you expect rain, it’s a good idea to pre-cook your food in your kitchen. For example, if you want to grill burgers or steaks, you can use the reverse searing method: You sear them first in the oven on low and then finish cooking them on the grill. This means less time in the rain for you!

Wrap your vegetables

If you want to grill different vegetables, wrap them all together in aluminum foil to form a package. Grill them together instead of individually to cut down on time in the rain.

Create a windbreak

When you’re grilling in the rain, wind is your biggest enemy. Your umbrella, tarp or canopy won’t do you any good, so you’ll have to improvise a windbreak. Set up a sheet of plywood or something similar to form a “wall”.

Make sure it’s sturdy and won’t fall on anyone or on your grill!

Control the temperature of your grill

The rain will lower the temperature of your grill, so you’ll want to control the temperature so it doesn’t affect the food. If you’re using a charcoal grill, you may need to add more to keep the heat up. If you’re using a gas grill, expect the burners to burn out. If that happens, turn off the gas and open the lid to allow the gas to escape for a few minutes before turning it back on.