Which is The best Nakshatra for Marriage?

In Vedic astrology, a star or collection of stars is referred to as a Nakshatra. These stars play a crucial role in horoscope matching and general predictive astrology.

In Vedic astrology, a star or collection of stars is referred to as a Nakshatra. These stars play a crucial role in horoscope matching and general predictive astrology.

The Hindu religion uses “star matching” or “nakshatra porutham” to choose a marriage partner. It is necessary for a marriage alliance that the boy and girl who plan on getting married have their nakshatra and rasi porutham examined.

Star matching takes place during this period to figure out a couple’s compatibility after marriage. The marriage will be more intimate and harmonious the more the stars match. Let us discover Nakshatra Matching.

What is Nakshatra Matching?

A nakshatra matching study based on each person’s birth nakshatra determines a couple’s compatibility. Generally, nakshatra matching indicates if a pair of nakshatras will get along well enough to get married.

Different Nakshatras would result in different personalities in people. And for a marriage to succeed, their personalities need to match. We have noticed that certain people complement each other well, while others may cause problems if they decide to get married.

Before choosing a wife or husband, Hindu marriages traditionally involve kundli matching. It varies whether the marriage matching is based on the Porutham agreement or Koota matching. The fact that it is conducted practically everywhere in India is important.

Depending on the birth stars of both the guy and the girl who are considering marriage, poruthams are determined. Only ten of the twenty poruthams that the sages created are still in use. They believe that a person’s zodiac is made up of 27 birth stars, or nakshatras, that are arranged in an oval pattern. The nine zodiacal planets (navgrahas) have an impact on the individual.

The 10 poruthams (kootas) thus identified are dinam, rasiyathipaty, yoni, rasi,  ganam, rajju, vedha, vasya, mahendram, and stree deergham. Additionally, you can consult an astrologer for nakshatra compatibility for marriage, which will give you a clear view.

Nakshatra chart for marriage compatibility

Number Girl’s Nakshatra Boys Stars or Nakshatra
1 Rohini Mrigasirsham, Poorattadhi, Ayilyam, Chithirai, Uthiradam,  Pooram,  Punarpoosam, and Visakam Avittam.
2 Kruthikai / Krittikaa Bharani, Thiruvonam, and For Rohini-Rishabam, Aswinee, Poosam, Swathi, Pooram, Makam, Avittam, Thiruvonam, and Anusham. For Rishabam & Mesha: Moolam, Kettai, Aswinee, Revathi, and Pooradam.
3 Bharani Aswinee, Ayilyam, Punarpoosam, Kruthika, Makam, Uthiradam, Chithirai, Sathayam, Thiruvonam, & Swathi
4 Ashwini Rohini, Bharani, Aswinee, Thiruvathirai, Uthiram, Pooram, Poosam, Hastham, Chithirai, Swathi, Pooradam, Uthiradam, Avittam, and Poorattadhi.
5 Poosam / Pushyam Thiruvathirai, Ayilyam, Swathi, Hastham, Visakam, Thiruvonam, Kettai, and Revathi.
6 Mrigasiram / Mrigaseersham Mrigasirsham, Rohini, Punarpoosam, Pooram, Ayilyam, Uthiram, Kettai Sathayam, and Vishakam.
7 Thiruvathirai Or Ardra Punarpoosam, Thiruvathirai, Mrigasirsham, Poorattathi, Chithirai, Kettai, Pooram, and Revathi.
8 Punarpusam / Punarvasu Mrigasirsham, Aswinee Rohini, Thiruvathirai, Poosam, Chithirai, Makam, Swathi, Sathayam, Moolam, Anusham, and Uthirattathi.
9 Aslesha. Ayilyam Uthirattadhi, Visakam, Uthiram, Avittam, and Uthiradam.


10 Uthiram Uthraphalguni Aswinee, Bharani, Rohini, Thiruvathirai, Anusham, Swathi, Hastham, Pooradam, Thiruvonam, Sathayam, Uthirattadhi,
11 Pooram Mrigasirsham, Kruthika, Aswinee, Punarpoosam, Moolam, Sathayam, Kettai, Makam, and Avittam.
12 Makam / Magam Makha Bharani, Kruthikai, Thiruvathirai, Rohini, Punarpoosam, Makam, Swathi, Pooram, Hastham, Anusham, Thiruvonam, Pooram, and Sathayam.
13 Hastham Punarpoosam, Mrigasirsham, Chithirai, Kettai, Visakam, Pooradam, and Avittam.
14 Swathi – Swathi Mrigasirsham, Bharani, Punarpoosam, Poorattadhi, Swathi. Pooradam, Kettai, Visakam, Chithirai, and Revathi.
15 Visakam Vishakha Bharani, Aswinee, Mrigasirsham, Poosam, Thiruvathirai, Makam, Anusham, Avittam, Moolam, Uthirattadhi, and Sathayam.
16 Anusham Anuradha Thiruvathirai, Rohini, and Punarpoosam Ayilyam.Thiruvonam, Kettai, Sathayam, Poorattadhi, and Revathi.
17 Moolam / Mulam Thiruvathirai, Bharani, Pooram Hastham, Thiruvonam, Pooradam, and Sathayam.
18 Chithirai Chithra – Chitra Same sign or Rasi: -Chithirai, Rohini, Thiruvathirai, Uthiram, Moolam, Swathi, Anusham, Hastham, Thiruvonam, Sathayam, Uthirattadhi.
19 Puradam Poorvashada/ Pooradam Visakam, Chithirai, Uthiram, Uthiradam, Revathi, Poorattadhi, and Avittam
20 Kettai Jyeshta Kruthikai, Uthiram, Moolam, Poorattadhi, Avittam, Uthiradam, Uthirattadhi, Punarpoosam, Rohini Mrigasirsham.


21 Thiruvonam Sravanam Punarpoosam, Kruthika, Mrigasirsham, Bharani, Ayilyam, Pooram, Uthiradam, Visakam, Kettai, Chithirai, Avittam, Poorattadhi, and Revathi.
22 Uthiradam Uthrashada Aswinee, Rohini, Makam, Poosam, Thiruvathirai, Pooram, Anusham, Swathi, Hastham, Moolam, Thiruvonam, and Sathayam.
23 Satyam Satabhisha


Makam, Mrigasirsham, Punarpoosam, Bharani, Pooram, Chithirai, Avittam, Kettai, Pooradam, Visakam, Poorattadhi, and Revathi.
24 Purattathi Poorvabhadrapada/Poorattadhi Poosam, Mrigasirsham, Thiruvathirai, Aswinee, Makam, Chithirai, Moolam, Anusham, Swathi, and Uthirattadhi.
25 Revathi – Rewati Punarvasu, Poosam, Kruthika, Mrigasirsham, Uthiram -Uthiradam, Hastham, Anusham
26 Avittam Dhanishta Aswinee, Kruthika, Poosam, Thiruvathirai, Rohini, Makam, Uthiradam, Moolam, Swathi, Anusham, Hastham, Uthiram, Thiruvonam, Sathayam, and Uthirattadhi.
27 Uthirattadhi Utharabhadrapada Punarpoosam, Thiruvathirai, Rohini, Hastham, Swathi, Thiruvonam, Kettai, Visakam, and Revathi.

Furthermore, you can determine whether your birth star and your partner’s birth star are compatible based on the table.


When nakshatras are matched for a marriage, it is possible to detect any doshas that might have negative effects on the couple’s relationship. If a dosha exists in an individual’s chart, an astrologer might offer them remedial advice to counteract the negative effects of the dosha. This can prevent any negative aspects of the marriage. It is therefore important for couples to have their Nakshatra compatibility before weddings determined before making any decisions.