When to Replace Your Home Insulation in Los Angeles

The home insulation helps protect the heating and cooling (HVAC) systems of your room by maintaining the ideal temperature in your home. However, you have to check your home insulation to keep it in good condition. This will ensure that you do not spend too much on electricity bills.  However, sometimes your home insulation gets damaged and causes a lot of issues later. So, you need to hire a professional insulation contractor to inspect your home and check if your home insulation needs to be replaced.

If you are searching for the best options for Los Angeles insulation removal, then you should contact Goodman Insulation. So, let us understand when you should replace your home insulation in Los Angeles.


Inconsistent heating or cooling

Often, you find your heating and cooling systems are not working properly and giving inconsistent heating and cooling services. This inconsistency in temperature results due to the poor attic insulation of your home. If your attic insulation is damaged and is having leaks and holes then you may face such issues. This is an indication that you need to insulate your attics once again by replacing the old one. So, you need to inspect your insulation by a professional insulation contractor and replace the old insulation if it is damaged. 

If your thermostat does not work properly

Sometimes, your thermostat behaves weirdly and keeps on switching on and off, which is a symptom that your home insulation is damaged. If your insulation is not in good condition then it will make the heating and cooling systems work harder to maintain that ideal temperature in your home. Thus, it will lead to further malfunctions in the heating and cooling systems of your house. It might get damaged and starts behaving weirdly because of the extra pressure that is exerted on it. If you notice such problems, then replace the insulation immediately.


Chilled home atmosphere

Sometimes, your home feels extremely cold and fails to maintain that ideal temperature of your surroundings. This indicates that your heating and cooling systems are not working properly. Now, you may ask why your heating and cooling system is not working properly. Well, it is because your home insulation is damaged and not serving the purpose.


Can lights

Can-lights are one of the indicators that will help you detect the underlying problems in your home insulation. Can-lights do not have insulation on them. So, you might face issues of inconsistent insulation because of these lights. There are chances that heat and air may escape through these areas thereby causing heating and cooling issues in your home. So, you need to minimize the usage of can light to facilitate the proper functioning of your home insulation.


Uncomfortable Wall and Floor Temperatures

You can check wall and floor temperatures to tell if your home is properly insulated or not. You can check the temperature of interior walls, floors, and ceilings to ensure that it feels warm and moisture-free. If you feel there is moisture on your floor and walls then there must be problems in your insulation. So, replace the old insulation as soon as possible.


Visible damage to the interior and exterior paint

When you notice your interior paint is fading or you have darker stains on your walls, you should understand that you have mold developing on your walls. Similarly, when the exterior paint is peeling away, it indicates your insulation is damaged. So, in both cases, you need to replace the insulation with a new one by a professional. You can re-insulate your home to make sure that your home is airtight. This way, you can increase the energy efficiency of your home.



You need to insulate your home properly so that it does not cause any heat and air escape issues later. For this, you need to hire a professional to ensure that your attics are insulated properly. This will also help you save a lot on your electricity bills.