What is a Granny Flat and Should You Build One?

Granny flat is a fully detached accommodation where the elderly members can stay comfortably without compromising their privacy. This unit is a separate dwelling unit and consists of its own entrance, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living area. Basically, this type of ADU serves as a granny flat where your caretakers or the elderly members of you home can stay comfortably.

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Yes, you can build a granny flat on your property if you fulfil the following criteria:

  • The ADU unit must be built on the same property where a single main residence already exists. The ADU should not be a part of any property that belongs to someone else other than the owner of the main residence.
  • The ADU unit must be attached or detached from the primary residential unit. However, it should not be a standalone building structure. Hence, you can build a 2nd legal unit by obtaining approval from your local planning department.
  • The owner or tenant who has a lease agreement for at least one/two years must be living in the ADU unit. Moreover, you have to live in both units simultaneously to call it a legal second unit.
  • The ADU unit should provide utility and a lot of space to the primary residence. It must consist of an independent kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom even if the space is not adequate. The ADU unit cannot work only as a storage unit, an occasional guest room, or an office unit.
  • The ADU unit should be built on the minimum square footage of 100 square feet and a maximum of 1200 square feet. You should build a separate entrance for your ADU unit.


Reasons you should build a granny flat on your property:

It gives you Financial Benefits:

You can have tax benefits with a granny flat. Several states have a law that allows tax depreciation for people who build ADU on their property. In this way, it can be a good investment also.

Moreover, a granny flat can give you additional income if you want to rent this place to tenants. This way, you can pay the bills and loans that you have taken during the construction of your house. Moreover, you can travel to your favorite places without worrying about your house if your tenants stay in your granny flat.


It solves space issues in your home:

When your children grow up, the space available in your house falls short for them. With an ADU, you can resolve this issue. Your children can invite their friends and have birthday parties and spend quality time in this place. This way, you can also assure the privacy of other family members. You will not be disturbed when friends of your children visit your place.


Multi-functional usage:

If you are operating your office work from home then this place can help you a lot. You can use this place for your office work or home-based business. Here, you can attend your video calls without getting disturbed, unlike in the family environment. Moreover, you will get a peaceful environment to fulfill all your work assignments.

Similarly, you can use the granny flat as a study unit if you want to create a separate study unit in your house. Your children can study peacefully in a separate study unit. Moreover, you can convert this unit into your home library if you are a book lover and you have a huge collection of books in your home.



If you want to add value to your home then ADU can be a great idea. This can solve the space problem and provide you with an extra dwelling unit. You can use this place as your home office or workshop if you are working from home or running a business from home. if you are confused about how to plan your ADU unit then you can contact our professionals to get their help.