Video Telephony: Disadvantages in The Current Era & The Solutions

Video telephony, or we can say video conferencing, is becoming more common as more businesses choose to operate remotely. It is simpler to interact with your coworkers, establish trust, and foster a sense of camaraderie when video is used to replicate an office environment.

Although it may have numerous benefits, there are certain difficulties that must be addressed. However, the procedure may be made simpler if you have the appropriate equipment and information.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the disadvantages of video telephony. So, without further ado, let’s start

Drawbacks of Video Telephony

Here are the drawbacks of video telephony. So without wasting time, let’s have a look at this.

Poor Internet connection

Nothing is more annoying than a bad Internet connection, especially when you’re participating in an online conference. High bandwidth is necessary to accurately replicate the workplace; otherwise, connecting to the call would take too long. A lot of users use Link or Skype, which consume a lot of bandwidth. Consider systems with fewer requirements, like

  • Zoom
  • BlueJeans
  • Team Microsoft
  • Hangouts (Google)

Background chaos

What do you see behind you? For the people on the call with you, distractions like objects, noises, and bad lighting can be quite annoying. Before you enter a meeting, keep the following in mind:

  • Lighting: According to science, the amount of involvement reduces when you’re in the dark or backlit. People are likely to get disinterested in what you have to say if they can only see your silhouette. Before entering your meeting, be sure to lower the blinds if the sun is coming through, avoid facing the window, and turn on some soft lighting.
  • Noise in the background:Traffic noise, people conversing, children yelling, and dog barking are all distractions and annoyances, especially if there are many people on the line with distracting background noise. Before answering the call, make sure you are in a peaceful area.
  • Distractions: A bed in the background, chaos, and people strolling about behind you are all things that might be unprofessional and off-putting in certain circumstances. If your room serves as your workplace, invest in a room divider and tidy up before taking that call.


Nothing is more annoying than seeing someone struggle to understand something. Before entering a virtual conference, ensure that your device’s settings support the following:

  • Headset
  • Audio Setup
  • Webcam
  • Multicamera Setup
  • Monitoring
  • Applications
  • Other Required Programs

A Limited number of people

When video conferencing, we are unable to interact with others in the same manner that we can when physically present in a conference room. As a result, in order to make the call interactive, we must restrict the number of participants. Things to think about:

  • Invite fewer guests:There should be no more than 15 participants, ideally fewer, to ensure that everyone can interact and contribute.
  • Hold a minimum of two meetings:If you work for a large company, divide the attendees into two or more groups for the meetings. Make sure you select a meeting chairman to oversee the agenda in order to prevent information gaps.
  • Keep meeting minutes: Even if not everyone needs to attend, you should always inform your staff. Meetings should be recorded and made public.

No Etiquette on How To Behave

What is acceptable to one person may be objectionable to another, whether it comes to eating or moving about. People not understanding how to intervene also pose a difficulty and may result in disruptions. Try the following before your team starts meeting virtually:

  • Define the goals:In an online meeting, be explicit about the behavior you anticipate from your colleagues.
  • Make a meeting etiquette guide for your firm: This has to be made public and discussed in a team retrospective.


The price can start to rise if you work for a company and need to have everyone on a video Telephony system in addition to conference rooms with these systems. When you consider transitioning to online meetings, you must take this into account. Prior to making a large equipment purchase:

  • Be adventurous: You are unaware of your ignorance. Trying new ideas is the best approach to discovering what works for your team. You may utilize a variety of affordable and free meeting applications while starting your business.
  • Begin simple: You don’t want to spend money on expensive equipment you don’t need or can’t afford. Start small, and as your company grows, so will your structures.


Videotelephony has both advantages and disadvantages as a technology, but how effectively we use it to make a significant impact in all of our lives is a critical task. If you are a large corporation looking for a solution that will increase the productivity of your team and allow you to connect in a seamless manner, this is an excellent opportunity for you to implement the best video conferencing technology. Although video telephony as a technology has both benefits and drawbacks, how well we use it to significantly improve each of our lives is a crucial issue. This is a great chance for major corporations to install the best video conferencing technology if they are seeking a solution that will boost team productivity and enable smooth connections. Hope you learned something. Thank you for reading this.