Things to consider while Building an ADU Unit on your Property in Santa Ana

Know the factors you need to consider while building an ADU on your property

Accessory Dwelling Unit can be the best solution for you if you want to increase storage in your house. If there are many members in your house or your children have grown up into adults and the space available in your house is small, then you should think about adding an ADU unit to your property. But you need to consider a few things while building an ADU unit such as the area you live in and the space available on your property.

If you are staying in Santa Ana and searching for the best home remodeling contractor then you can contact Santa Ana K Remodeling company. We are the reliable home remodelers in your location who believe in providing top-notch service to our customers. If you want to build an ADU on your property then you can ask our experts about how to build an ADU without any hassles. They will also make you understand the ADU rules and regulations that apply to your location and build your dream ADU abiding by state law. So, let us understand what factors you need to consider while building an ADU on your property.

Your location

While planning your ADU unit, you need to consider the location where you live so that you can plan your ADU unit abiding by state law that applies to your location. This will help you avoid future legal hassles that you might face if you do not abide by the ADU ordinance. Also, you need to consider the weather of your location and the material that is suitable for your location while building an ADU unit. Moreover, you can use the material that is available in your location so that you will not face difficulty in transporting those materials to your location.

Your requirements

You can build an ADU unit depending on your requirements. If you want to add a separate living unit to your home then you can plan accordingly. If you want to build a completely separate unit on your property then you need to add a bathroom, a kitchen, a living space, and a bedroom to make it functional. This type of unit can be used as a separate dwelling unit for your parents or the caretakers of your house. If you want a separate study unit then you have to plan the layout accordingly. You can add functional storage units if you have storage issues in your home. Our professionals will suggest many ideas to add storage units that will give you more floor space and a lot of floating or wall-mounted storage cabinets. So, build your ADU as per your requirements so that it will not create problems for you in the future.

Style of the ADU

You need to consider the style of your ADU unit while building an ADU on your property. The fixtures, the flooring, the cabinets, and the accessories should complement the style you have chosen for your ADU unit. If your parents are going to stay in this unit then you should build a house that will be convenient for aged people. In such a case, you have to make the flooring non-slippery. Moreover, every unit should be functional and safe so that your parents do not have issues later. Kitchen cabinets should be at a reachable distance so that they can easily access them. You can also introduce vibrant colors so that they will bring positive vibes into your space and keep your loved ones happy.

Space available on your property

One of the most important factors that you need to consider while building your ADU unit is the space available on your property. Most houses have a lot of space available on them and hence you have the liberty to build a separate dwelling unit on your property. If you have a small area available then you can think about adding a basement conversion ADU or garage conversion ADU. So, this is one such factor that you cannot ignore.


ADUs can be very beneficial for you if you build them with the help of a professional ADU builder. They know how to plan your small ADU unit with maximum storage with all the amenities available in it. They also ensure that your property does not get harmed during the construction. Moreover, you can get their advice to select the flooring, the materials, and the fixtures that will give a beautiful look to your ADU unit without compromising its functionality.