Empowering Applicants with Real-Time Status Tracking

The anxious wait for application outcomes is an uncertain period for prospective students and parents. While admissions teams grapple with extensive evaluations, lack of transparency into status and delays compounds anxiety even if decisions are positive. Modern student information systems (SIS) can eliminate this by enabling real-time tracking – thereby sustaining engagement.

Drawbacks of Conventional Application Tracking

Traditionally, applicants rely on sporadic one-way communication from institutions to learn their status. Common issues faced:

  • No confirmation on application receipt
  • Repeated contacts from applicants checking on status
  • Unable to view details like pending assessments, verification etc.
  • Anxiety from perceived delays or lack of progress
  • Potentially losing strong candidates to quicker responding competitors

On the institution side, addressing frequent inquiries is administratively taxing. Yet applicant experience directly impacts yields and enrollment.

Empowering Self-Service Application Tracking

SIS platforms allow activating self-service application tracking portals. Applicants receive login access to securely check real-time status spanning:

  1. Application Receipt Confirmation

Instant acknowledgements when admission team receives and starts processing submissions.

  1. Stage-wise Status

Dynamics like eligibility verification checks, profile evaluations, communication logs visible across key stages.

  1. Checklist Completion

Pending tasks or documents flagged for applicants to address. Tracking of assessment schedules.

  1. Current Status Indication

Clear indicators on current stage – verified, shortlisted, offered, enrolled etc.

  1. One-Click Communication

Simple interfaces for applicants to directly send queries, upload documents and for institutions to respond.

Balancing Transparency and Data Security

While keeping applicants informed is vital, institutions need safeguards. SIS helps by:

  1. Granular Access Controls

Attributes visible within portal profiles can be controlled. Confidential data is protected.

  1. Configurable Rules

Business rules configure auto alerts or actions like confirming submitted test scores/documents. Access expires post-admission.

  1. Audit Log Tracking

Every system interaction is logged for traceability. This deters external misuse.

Transparency and trust in mission-critical enrollment processes gives institutions an edge while positioning their SIS as a strategic ecosystem.


By assuring applicants have reliable and direct sight into admission evaluation trajectories while safeguarding sensitive data, institutions activate a trust accelerator benefitting all stakeholders. Well-designed SIS proves critical in propelling transparency to build bridges that motivate students to become standard bearers.

Can applicants connect directly with admission officers?

Yes, SIS tracking portals incorporate one-click options for applicants to securely send communications which create leads in the CRM. Relevant officers are notified automatically based on routing rules.

What are benefits of tracking automation?

Automated confirmations, alerts, document acceptance, checklist tracking etc powered by SIS rules speeds transparency. Teams gain efficiency to focus on value-add interactions.