The Rhythm of Sindhi Music Can Revive Your World

The Sindh tightly clings onto its traditions. Without a doubt, it is rich in culture, folk tales, and values. The Sindhi music is full of various traditional instruments and specific songs for each occasion. However, the musicians of Sindh also possess a profound personality. Therefore, singers like Khushboo Laghari have a strong command on both Saraiki and Sindhi languages. Ishq Pireen jo Piyara is one of her top tracks which stole 194K+ hearts. On the other hand, Munjo Yar Paradise, Bewafa Tun, and Mast Qalander make-up her fine tracks.

Furthermore, the primary base of Sindhi music is “Bhagat”. It is named after Saint Bhagat Kanwar Ram – a Sufi poet and vocalist. He is the most cherished public figure in Sindhi culture irrespective of religious beliefs. Moreover, he was prominent due to his renditions of famous Sufi poets before him. After him, many talented Sufi musicians came forward with remarkable works. Thus, “Sindhi Sehra” is one of such albums which contains various tracks of Zaibunisa and Shabana Naaz. Its finest collection includes Allah Tuhnjo Khair Karey, and Suhnra Saen Liaro Pae Wanj. 

The rich soil of Sindh has produced a lot of shining gems. And these Sindhi musicians are promoting their culture as well as message of peace. The mesmerizing songs for any playlist should include these.

Sindh Jo Melo Aa

Humaira Channa produced this heart-melting song. She is renowned Sindhi playback artist. Nonetheless, she has been awarded the Pride of Performance award. Her vocals have even got her Nigar Awards as well. What’s more, she has secured so many awards, almost like madam Noor Jahan. Humaira Channa has released Sindhi, Urdu, and Saraiki songs. Her most praised worthy song is Mujhe Se Pehli Si Muhabbat. It has won over 9.9M+ hearts on YouTube alone.

Besides, Sindh Jo Melo Aa recently came out in 2020. It has already won over 6K+ fans. The music video of the song clearly depicts the vibrant picture of Sindh. Thus, this Sindhi music is an ideal way to convey the beauty of Sindhi culture and its people. Moreover, Humaira Channa’s remarkable attention to details and powerful voice is worth listening. Furthermore, her other tracks consist of Dil Ja Rishta, Likey Likey Ro Na, and Rab Rab Kar Di.

Asaan Ji Yaar Yaari

This song is artistic creation of Mumtaz Molai. He is a main stream artist and the major voice in Sindhi music. What’s more, his recent patriotic song won him heaps of appreciation. Hum Sindh May Rehna Wale Sindhi successfully captured 39M hearts out there. Thus, his finest composition is recognized nation-wide. Besides this, Mumtaz Molai usually produces deeply emotional tracks. His creations sometimes are overflowing with most melancholic lyrics. He has admitted himself that his own personal experiences brought forth these tracks.

Additionally, Asaan Ji Yaar Yaari is also most played song. This track came out in 2019. The song is part of the album, “Asaan Ji Yaar Yaari, Vol. 786”. Moreover, this track was performed on international platforms as well. Thus, it has got 67K+ fans in Mumtaz Molai’s fandom. The song has quite catchy tune, popular in Sindhi music listeners. Other heart-felt compositions of the artist include Aa Hali Aa, and Zindagi Azaab.

Tokhe Wisaran Laye Jani

This track is the skillful composition of Fozia Soomro. The artist is the oldest one in the Sindhi music history. Thus, her contributions are the wide range of songs she has composed in all these years. Her name is well-known in folk and traditional music production. Nonetheless, she keeps 1K+ monthly listeners on Spotify as well. However, she started out singing at small events in her village, in Tharparkar. And then her talent was discovered through Radio Pakistan’s broadcast.

Moreover, the song has earned itself 4M+ views on YouTube alone. The song is a classical best song of its time. “Aseen Piyar Waara Manhoon, Vol.0535” album brought out this song. Besides this, the song captivated 3K+ listeners on Spotify as well. Fozia Soomro’s other creations include Pardessi Raja, Qasim Banney Di Mehendi, and Moriya Moriya. The artist was a legendary voice whose loss is incomparable. However, her recorded songs will always fill the world with merriment.  

Piyar Muhnjo

Piyar Muhnjo is quite popular in Sindhi music. The vocalist is Munawar Mumtaz Molai. His name is well-known in traditional Sindhi folk music. Moreover, his album collection is also large in quantity. These include, “Bewafa”, “Gulra Bagan Jo”, “Pelo Kurto”, and “Bah Jo Sholo”. He has also released another album, “Dittham Azmai” which has got 1M views already. This album’s lyrics come from the poetry of Gulfam Gul Sangi. Thus, his songs have increased people’s interest in poetic works of other writers too.

Furthermore, Piyar Muhnjo is a soothing song. It opens with the flute’s soft music and carries on. The singer’s vocals brought it, a new kind of glory. Furthermore, it is an upbeat song. It could easily appeal to any listener.  The song came out in 2019. However, the song has completely captured the hearts of 2M+ views on YouTube alone. And the music of the song is perfect blend of singer’s vocals and instruments’ music.

Thi Wayo Done

The song is the finest work of Naghma Naz. The artist sings both in Sindhi and Saraiki languages. For instance, her hit Saraiki song– Kala Jora has 6K+ views right now. The artist has produced many popular tracks as a solo artist. For instance, Dil Dil Dil, Khare Munkha, To Saudi Jo, and Loto Mokha. Moreover, she has produced her collaborated works as well. Naghma Naz and Samar Ali Channa brought out the track, Saday Dil Ty Jo Bi Teer. On the other hand, Naghma Naz and Nida Ali released the song, Hik Dehn Hoon Sohna Tu.

In addition to this, the song recently came out in 2023. It has upbeat music but also perfectly balanced melody. Naghma Naz has utilized her soft vocals perfectly in this track. Thus, there are already 391K+ viewers of the song. Thi wayo Done is quite catchy song in low pitch of the singer. It is a song that makes you want to hit the repeat button over again.


Overall, the Sindhi music is full of lively compositions. The music perfectly displays cultural heritage of Sindh. Moreover, there are many shining musicians in the music industry. For instance, Humaira Channa’s Sindh Jo Melo Aa beautifully showcases Sindhi tradition. Next, there is Asaan Ji Yaari Yaar of Mumtaz Molai. His song is as well composed as is the artist’s fame. Furthermore, this track is also internationally recognized. Besides these, there is Fozia Soomro’s master-piece, Tokhe Wisaran Laye Jani.

Furthermore, the music lovers would also love Piyar Muhnjo. It is the most artistic creation of Munawar Mumtaz Molai. Thus, the song has got 2M+ views. Aside from these, Thi Wayo Done is a must listen song. Naghma Naz sang this song in her soft, low-pitched voice. The song is truly magical other than her Saraiki song Kala Jora. Thus, all these songs not just convey beautiful Sindhi music but also helps to renew any playlist. More or less, new music is always a luxury.