The Good and Not So Good Facts About Outdoor Barrel Sauna

If you are a big fan of saunas, you will surely fall head over heels in love with an outdoor barrel sauna. But, before you go out and get one, there are a few things you should know about these relaxing accessories.

Simple and Easy Assembly

Outdoor barrel saunas boast of a clever design. You don’t need any major tools to cut or assemble them. It is built on the site with the Fasssauna placement of milled 2×4 cedar boards along two circular end walls’ circumference. Everything is then strapped in place using the provided locking rings. There is also no need for you to be handy when assembling it.

Easy Shipment

Outdoor barrel saunas are shipped unassembled. There is a set of circular set rings, benches, door, stove, and pallet stack of 2x4s. It is the reason why makers can shrink wrap, sell, then distribute their productions anywhere.

Personal Escape in the Backyard

It is definitely a big plus to be able to create a dedicated space in the comforts of your home for the ultimate sauna experience. Since you can assemble barrel sauna pretty much anywhere and everywhere as a structure of their own, a separate feature from your home, sauna users can look forward to enjoying a wonderful health and wellness regiment that is complemented by nature and fresh air as you chill out between rounds in your backyard garden misty wet after a refreshing air.

No Insulation or Vapor Barrier

While it is easy to ship and assemble barrel saunas, since there is no vapor barrier and walls are not insulated, there are sauna users who notice a significant compromise in heat. Most of the time, a round wood wall made using 2x4s is not a sufficient barrier from cold to heat.

No Changing Room

Since there are no changing rooms in majority of barrel saunas, this might compromise your sauna routine, especially during extreme climates. This is why it might be better if you can go for an sauna room that comes fitted with a changing room so you can have the best sauna experience.

Keep the Door Closed

When the weather outside is a bit chilly, you need to Campingfass make sure that you close the door of your outdoor sauna room. Closing the door is the best way to make the most out of your very own barrel sauna.

Maintenance is Necessary

Due to their designed, there is a tendency to develop leaks in between milled cedar boards because of melting snow or rain. This is why it is important for you to cover your outdoor barrel sauna when it is not in use or you can also build a secondary roof to house it.