Shearling coats and motorcycle jackets are not inherently waterproof

Shearling coats and motorcycle jackets are not inherently waterproof. Their level of water resistance depends on several factors, including the materials used, the construction, and any additional treatments applied to the garments. Here’s what you need to know:

Shearling Coats:

  • Shearling coats are typically made from sheepskin with the wool on the inside and leather on the outside. While shearling itself is not waterproof, the leather exterior can provide some water resistance.
  • However, shearling coats are not designed to be fully waterproof. Prolonged exposure to rain, moisture, or heavy downpours can saturate the leather and wool, making the coat heavy and potentially damaging the materials.
  • To enhance water resistance, some shearling coats may undergo additional treatments or have a waterproofing spray applied. These treatments can provide some protection against light rain and moisture, but they are not a guarantee of complete waterproofing.

Motorcycle Jackets:

  • Motorcycle jackets come in various styles and materials, including leather and textile. Leather jackets, while naturally water-resistant to some extent, are not entirely waterproof.
  • Many motorcycle jackets include features like water-resistant zippers, sealed seams, and removable waterproof liners to provide protection against light rain and drizzle.
  • However, no motorcycle jacket is fully waterproof unless explicitly designed and labeled as such. For riding in heavy rain or wet conditions, riders often wear additional waterproof gear, such as rain suits or waterproof over-jackets, to stay dry.

In summary, shearling coats and motorcycle jackets are not waterproof by default. While they may offer some degree of water resistance, they are not designed for prolonged exposure to heavy rain or extreme wet conditions. If you anticipate riding in the rain or spending time in wet environments, it’s advisable to invest in specialized waterproof gear or accessories to stay dry and comfortable.