Purpose of 53ft Intermodal Container

53ft intermodal containers are durable, sustainable, and versatile high cube containers capable of accommodating a larger cargo volume. The shipping industry has benefited significantly from this range of containers, and their demand is continuously rising in the trade market. It is primarily due to the adaptability of 53ft cargo containers to suit the modern-day requirements of customers. The higher volume of this container allows intermodal transportation of different types of cargo in a single container. Equipped with multiple benefits, the 53′ container stands out among different types of containers. This article will offer a better understanding of 53′ containers.

What is a 53ft intermodal container?

Grouped under high cube containers, 53′ shipping containers are conex boxes made of corrugated steel. These containers are similar in build to standard shipping containers, yet an advanced version as the 53′ cargo containers offer larger volume and height. 53′ containers provide additional storage space for heavy cargo to facilitate intermodal shipping. Mainly transported via roads and rails, these containers are ideal for shipping and domestic purposes.

What are the dimensions of a 53′ intermodal container?

High cube containers provide an additional height of 1 ft and width of 6″ compared to general purpose containers. Due to increased external height, width, and length, 53′ high cube containers offer greater volume and storage space than other high cube containers. 

Dimensions of a 53′ container are as follows.

Height – 6 foot 9 inches

Width – 8 foot 6 inches

Volume – 3,884 cubic feet

Normal weight – 4,876kgs

Weight with chassis – 8,772kgs

What is the purpose of 53ft intermodal containers?

  • The primary purpose of shipping containers is to provide 40% more capacity than the 40ft high cube containers. This provides extra room for storing and transporting cargo that would otherwise require a different container. The extended height and volume also allow 53′ containers to carry heavy-weight machinery, furniture, and automobiles comfortably.
  • They aid transcontinental shipping and are capable of intermodal transport via roads and rails. The heavy weight and size of 53-foot intermodal containers make it challenging to ship them via air or ocean.
  • Since these containers are insulated and water-tight, they are also utilized as reefer containers to transport perishable commodities such as frozen goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and pharmaceuticals.
  • A 53′ cargo container can easily store multiple types of cargo. Goods can be stacked one above the other depending on their fragility and weight. To prevent breakage or damage, stack lighter goods on top of heavier goods.
  • These water and air-tight containers offer insulation from any external environmental changes. Therefore, customers are mainly using 53 ft containers for housing purposes.
  • A higher volume allows for repurposing these containers for commercial and industrial uses other than shipping. 53′ containers are being customized and used as spaces for gyms, garages, cafes, and offices.

Creative uses of a 53ft shipping container

  • In addition to being utilized as self-storage units, 53′ shipping containers can be reused for residential projects.
  • The 53ft container can be stacked to form multi-story structures equipped with electricity, plumbing, and furniture to build suitable and customized spaces.
  • Due to high durability and full-proof isolation, 53′ containers can also be utilized as warehouses and garages for storing heavy machinery or other goods.
  • Colleges and universities are using these high-cube containers to build student dorm rooms.

53ft intermodal containers are a rising trend in the global shipping industry, enriching their owners with numerous benefits. It is significantly appealing due to its large storage capacity and inventive utilization.

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