Organic Hair Care for Health and Well Being

Organic Hair Care for Health and Well Being

Why organic hair care? Obviously the answer has to do with good health and what is best for your hair. If you have ever read the ingredients list on the most commonly used hair care products, you feel like you need a chemist to help you interpret it. What’s more, some of these chemicals, such as ammonium laureth sulfate, a common ingredient in many over-the-counter shampoos, are known carcinogens. This ingredient has since been removed from many products due to public pressure, but other harmful ingredients remain.

The point is it’s up to you to know what you are putting into your hair and massaging into your scalp, just as you are responsible for what goes into your body. A little examination confirms there are good reasons to switch to all natural, organic Haarwasser gegen Haarausfall products.

Vitamin C is one of those natural ingredients you want to look for in hair care products. It’s well known for its anti-oxidant properties. It stimulates collagen and fights free radicals and thus has long been known for its positive benefits to the skin. This translates well to the hair and scalp as well.

Other organic ingredients that have proven beneficial to our hair and scalp are lemons and avocado as well as honey and yogurt. The oils in avocado closely resemble the natural oils in our skin and are thus an excellent organic substitute to the undesirable chemicals in many hair care products. Raw eggs moisturize and bring shine to your hair as well as removes undesirable body oils.

Lemon seems to have endless positive uses and its benefits to your hair can be added to the list. Combined with olive oil, it is an excellent way to combat flaky scalp. The lemon juice removes dry skin while the olive oil moisturizes.

Manufacturers of organic hair care products know all about these natural ingredients and their benefits to our hair. That is why you see so many of them named as ingredients in their products. These are not items you will normally find on the grocer’s shelf, but that are worth the time it takes to find them. Or you can make your own.

It’s a simple matter of combining the right ingredients

Determine your individual hair care needs and match that to the correct ingredients. Need sheen? Avocado, banana, olive oil, raw eggs – these, any or all, will make your hair sparkle with a rich healthy shine. Fine, limp hair? Give it a kiss of the hops. Beer contains yeast which gives your hair body. Let it go flat first and combine with a raw egg and some canola or sunflower oil. Try honey for dry, sun damaged hair. Massage it in to your damp hair and let sit for 20 minutes. A little oil will help remove the sticky honey from your hair.

There’s no need to subject your hair to undesirable Bio Haarpflege chemical ingredients when it’s so simple to create your own organic mixes that provide all your hair needs and more to make your hair look its very best. These organic materials, being all natural and closely related to your body’s own properties, work far better than your average shampoo you find in the local market.