Order Food in Train Just Like Swiggy of Indian Railway

iThe Indian railway always the most convenient modes of transport in India. It is an easily available and affordable transport mode. The 4th largest rail network connects all the major as well as minor areas of our country. People find it so simple to travel on it for short-distance travelling & for long-route travel. During the trip, people crave food. Many times the homemade food gets contaminated. The Pantry car food doesn’t seem hygienic. In these situation, people search for online order food in train swiggy services. But as the Swiggy is dedicated to delivering food to the doorstep, don’t deliver Food on Train. Although, you don’t need to worry. There is a food delivery e-catering app called RailRestro just as swiggy.

It allows passengers to orderfood in train through swiggy-like servicesand get their food delivered directly to the train seat.

How to Get Swiggy Food Services on Train To Get Food in Train

Through RailRestro app, also called as Swiggy of Indian Railways, you can order food in train and get swiggy food services on train. You have to follow these steps:

  • Install RailRestro, the best app for food delivery in train or visit the website.
  • Enter your IRCTC PNR number or train number and boarding station name.
  • Click on the ‘order now’ button. You will get list of Restaurants from en route stations which allow passenger to order food in train.
  • Click on any restaurant name and explore its menu.
  • Select your favourite dishes and add them to the cart.
  • Now proceed with the order process by filling up your details like name, mobile number, email Id, berth number, and coach number. You have to submit your PNR number if you select the method of ordering food by train number.
  • Avail of the coupon code to get a discount.
  • Now, choose payment mode from online, net banking or COD.

Just wait for your train to reach the station from where you place the order during the food ordering process and enjoy your train food delivery at your seat.

How RailRestro is Swiggy of Indian Railway to order Food In Train

RailRestro also working on the same concept just as Swiggy. Both are revolutionaries in food tech. Both the app for food delivery platform partner with restaurants that show intrest in delivering food to people. Moreover, both  priority is customer satisfaction. You get varieties of food, whether it’s on Swiggy or RailRestro.

Features of RailRestro’s Swiggy-Like Service Platform

RailRestro is one of the most trusted app for rail food. It consists of various features. Here, are some of RailRestro’s top features to provide a great train journey experience.

  • Pre-Book Meal – RailRestro allows rail passengers to pre-order their meals online. After booking a train ticket, you must receive a PNR number. By using the PNR number You can pre book your food before the journey date.
  • Track Your Food Status – After booking the food for a journey, you can track the food status, like its preparation, packaging, and delivery.
  • Get Rail Information – With the RailRestro app, you aren’t only allowed to order food. You can also check IRCTC PNR status, train running status and more on App. You also get blogs related to food and travel on its platform.
  • Order Varieties of Food – With the RailRestro e-catering platform, you can get numerous food varieties, including veg, nonveg, Jain, and regional. Moreover, you can also order pizza, burgers, chat, and samosa on train.
  • Do Bulk Food Order – Through RailRestro, you can order bulk food in train if you travel in a group. To do bulk or Group Order On Train, you can visit RailRestro group food service page and call on the customer executive number.
  • Get Food Delivery Directly to Your Seat – RailRestro delivers food directly to the train seat. So, you don’t need to step off the train to buy food for your journey.
  • Avail Discounts With Railrestro e-catering, you avail of coupon codes to get heavy discounts on train food orders. On the RailRestro app, check the offer section before placing your food order to get high discount on food order.

Difference between RailRestro and Swiggy

Since these platforms have many similarities, there are certain or a lil differences.

  • Swiggy is dedicated to delivering food to your doorstep. RailRestro delivers food directly to your train seat.
  • Swiggy asks for your home or office address to deliver food. RailRestro asks for PNR number to deliver food in train.
  • Swiggy asks for delivery charges, whereas RailRestro delivers food free.
  • Both businesses have different marketing strategies. The target audience for Swiggy is people sitting at home or office. RailRestro try to target passengers in train.
  • Swiggy also delivers medicine and groceries etc. RailRestro only delivering food in train.

The Bottom Line

RailRestro is a food-tech app for makes food delivery on trains easy, economical and totally safe. So, on your next train trip, order your food with RailRestro and double the happiness of your train journey.

The Food delivery in train app wishes you a happy and successful train journey!


  Author : RailRestro