Food on Rail: A Guide to Hassle-Free Dining on the Go

Thousands of individuals regularly traverse by train in India. Trains connect different parts of the country as if it is a small village. Train journeys are enjoyable as you meet new people and explore new places along the route. Getting good food delivered right to your seat increases the enjoyment of a train journey.

IRCTC has launched many railway apps to deliver food on trains smoothly. Food on rail services is a boon for travellers. These apps ensure hassle-free dining on the train and make your journey memorable. Train food apps offer you numerous dining services on the train, like, pre-booking meals, Jain food in train, group food order in train, etc.

Best Features of the Dining Services from Food on Rail Apps

Hassle-free Food Order

Railway apps come with handy features that are easily operable. The user-friendly features of online food delivery apps make ordering food on the train very easy. All you need to order food on the train is your PNR number. The PNR Number is a 10-digit unique number assigned to you after you book a train ticket. Usually, it is written on the top left corner of a paper ticket. If you have reserved an online ticket, you will receive a text message or email carrying a PNR number.

Using this PNR number, you can order food directly from the app. You can also use the train number and boarding date to order a meal on the train.

Book Your Meal in Advance

Pre-booking meals on trains is one feature that attracts travellers the most. Under this initiative, you can order food in advance, even before beginning the train journey. The internet service on trains is usually weak. The rush on trains also confuses people while ordering food. Using the “pre-booking of a meal” feature, you can skip the hustle and bustle of the train and enjoy a happy dining time.

Follow these steps to pre-book your meal on a train:

  • Call the dedicated customer service number available on food on rail apps.
  • Enquire about the food choices you want and the station where you want food to be delivered.
  • Submit your PNR number
  • Choose from the options available at that particular station and place the order.
  • The customer support team will immediately accept your food order and proceed with the same.
  • You will receive a confirmation message about your order and an email with an invoice.

Your pre-ordered meal will be delivered to your seat when your train reaches the desired station on the boarding date.

Place a Group Food Order

Travelling by train with a group of people is always fun, whether for a school trip, college tour, or family function. The fun doubles when everyone gets food according to their tastes. The option of “group food order” on trains is a cost-effective and personalised method to order food. If you are touring with a group of children or older people, you can order pizza and sugar-free food all at once. To place a group food order in train, you must fill out an enquiry form.

Follow these steps to access the enquiry form.

  • Access a railway food app.
  • Navigate to the “group food order” option.
  • Open the enquiry form.
  • Fill in the details asked in the form, including your name, contact number, one of the PNR numbers, email I.D., journey date, train number, food choices, etc.
  • You will receive a call from the customer care executive to confirm your order.

Other things to keep in mind while placing a group food order on the train.

  • Place an order for a minimum of Rs 2000.
  • You will have to pay 40% in advance and 60% after the delivery of the meal.
  • Use “group food order coupons” to get 15% off your meal.

Hassle-free Payment Method

Railway apps have made food delivery services close at hand. While placing a food order, you can pay both online and offline. You will require a UPI ID or bank card details for online payments. You can also go for an offline payment by choosing C.O.D.

Attractive Discount Coupons

Here comes another best feature of food on rail apps. These apps provide huge discounts on food orders on trains. These discount coupons are like the cherry on the cake, making train food delivery more economical.

Some of the coupons offered by railway food apps are “free delivery coupons”, “first order coupons”, “hunger fest coupons”, “group food order coupons”, etc. Take advantage of these coupons while placing a food order and make your journey more entertaining.

Choose Food that You Love

To add to your amazement, train food apps offer you multiple options to order food in train. No need to rely on the same monotonous and substandard food from the pantry car. Thanks to the train food apps, you can enjoy nutritious and palatable food at your train seat. Train food apps offer different varieties of food, as listed below.

  • Vegetarian food: Paneer curry, mushroom curry, sweets, etc.
  • Non-vegetarian food: Chicken dishes, eggs, fish curry, etc.
  • Upvas platter: If you are travelling to a pilgrimage site, this option is meant for you. You can order an Upvas platter on the train, including Kuttu ka halwa, fruit chaat, or milk.
  • Regional dishes: Dal Bati Churma Bebinca, Baati Chokha, Chak-Hao Kheer, Panjiri, etc.
  • Snacks: Pizza, Macaroni, Pasta, Momo, Chaat, etc
  • Jain food: Jain food is the speciality of rail on food apps. Jain food is difficult to get everywhere due to the strict rules and regulations followed while cooking it. However, train food services offer you the purest Jain food on the train before sunset. Interestingly, you can also order diverse varieties of Jain food on the train, such as Jain Pulao, Jain Burger, Jain Pav Bhaji, and so on

Customise Food as Per Your Taste

This feature of the railway food app will surely steal your heart. While ordering food on the train, you can add cooking instructions per your preference. For example, if you are travelling with a person suffering from hypertension, you can ask the restaurant to make the food less spicy. Customised food gives you a homelike feeling and makes your train journey memorable for life.

How to Order Food on a Train

After you have gone through the fantastic features of train food apps, you must wonder how to order food on the train. IRCTC has initiated many food-on-track apps that make delicious, healthy food easily accessible on trains. Follow these steps to order food on the train using these apps.

  • Open the train food delivery app
  • Navigate to the order food option
  • Enter your PNR number or train number and boarding date
  • Choose the dishes you want to order
  • Select the station where you want your food to be delivered
  • Add cooking instructions, if any.
  • Proceed with the payment.

Your order will be taken and sent to the restaurant. As the train arrives at the selected junction, the delivery person will hassle-free deliver your meal to your seat.

RailRestro stands out as the best app for food delivery in train. This food on rail app offers food services in almost all the major stations in India on about 2000 trains. RailRestro food services have collaborated with local restaurants that are FSSAI-approved. It offers services like group food ordering, pre-meal booking, online payment, and healthy and nutritious meals right to your seat. You can also check the train schedule or PNR status using this app.

So the next time you travel, use the RailRestro app to enjoy hassle-free dining on the train.

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