Decorating an Oriental Sun-Room

This is a really exciting project; there are so many things you can do to make your sun-room look not only beautiful but authentically oriental. Your first choice is between light and dark accent furniture, the light being cream and gold and the dark, black and gold, very different but each one has their plus points. If your taste lies toward black accents, the walls should be a neutral shade of linen to allow the accent pieces to sark kösesi almanya stand out. The seating should be a rattan openwork design with its oriental feel and plump, plush cushions. Most manufacturers will have a luscious plain deep red while others even have oriental fabrics if you look hard enough. To cover all eventualities a three seat sofa, love seat and a chair should suffice. Black Chinoiserie would be the very thing for the accents in this room.

Chinoiserie uses the western style of furniture

Mainly French, decorated by Chinese art in gold with touches of color. They are dramatic pieces and there are many to choose from. A harpsichord style desk and chair are not only elegant but functional at the same time and if you have another wall calling out for something beautiful a tall, glass topped Chinoiserie book case would be ideal. If you haven’t the room for either of these what about a French Chinoiserie Secretaire which is much smaller but just as functional or an elegant multi-shelved computer armoire in 18th Century style. Inside are open compartments and a drawer for files, all computer equipment and wires are hidden behind two large doors, no one would ever guess what it was and these days everyone has a computer the need to find a place for. Team these things with matching dainty pedestal tables or oval lamp tables with drawers and a chest or long table instead of a western style coffee table.

To complement your oriental furnishings add silk cushions and matching neck pillows for the seating and jade figurines on the lamp tables. Add to this a graceful lamp or two in an oriental shape (temple or ginger jars are very distinctive) and the room is beginning to take shape. A large Chinese rug will give a cozy feel and a big green plant in a Chinese “fishbowl” on its elegant stand will make a corner pop out, in fact more than one would be best, but if that isn’t possible use a dense bundle of long twigs, you can have fun with these at Christmas and Easter by hanging seasonal ornaments and Easter sark kosesi eggs on them. Hang a Chinoiserie mirror on the wall; add some Chinese art and all that is left to do are the windows. There are many different types of sun-room blinds available, some which are called ‘paper’, this is not to be taken literally as they are really a plastic and pulp paper mixture and a very good product which is not expensive and will last for many years. You can find these in plain colors, or look for patterns of Chinese text. A vase filled with elegant branches of cherry blossom or a lovely bonsai tree is an elegant finishing touch to a room with charm and character, ideal as a personal retreat or as a sitting room where you can greet your guests and make them comfortable.