React native has emerged as a very promising and effective platform for mobile application development. With many successful companies such as Uber and Facebook adopting it, the language has become very popular for application development. This new age of the Internet has made mobile application imperative for every business for which React Native is the perfect answer.

What is React Native?

React Native is a Java Script built on React, used to develop mobile applications for iOS as well as Android platforms. With React Native, one code can be used for cross-platform development. It also allows the developer to use the native features of the mobile. This means that the applications built on React Native can use the features such as a camera that is present on the phone.

What is BaaS (Backend as a Service)?

Backend-as-a-service acts as the middleware that empowers the developer with cloud-based backend services allowing them to develop the front end. It is a cloud service model where the developers are facilitated with prewritten software that supports and activates different server-side capabilities including database management, user authentication, cloud storage, remote updating and push notifications via Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API).

Benefits of BaaS

Backend as a Service offers multiple benefits.

Higher accessibility: BaaS facilitates a higher level of accessibility in many technical aspects including data sharing and cloud storage. Better accessibility leads to higher scalability, fast response, and better customer experience.

Faster development: A BaaS service can be used for all the underlying needs in application development, saving the developer’s time in recreating different stacks for every mobile application.

Better customizations: The backend allows the same basic level of codes to be implemented with different APIs to create different customizations. BaaS benefits the user with multiple customizations which can be used to cater to a larger customer base.

Greater ease of use: BaaS service providers are responsible for the maintenance and hosting of their solution. This reduces the burden on developers and provides greater ease of use.

Best Backend services for React Native

Creating a complex solution requires the right tech stack that is provided by the BAAS services to make the applications scalable and highly functional. Let’s have a look at some of the best backend services in the market.

1. Back4app

Back4app is a fully managed solution that provides great flexibility in terms of scalability, optimization, and customizations. It supports a wide range of technology stacks including MongoDB, React, Node JS, and Parse. The development of everyday activities such as push notifications becomes easier for the developers with the codes provided by the backend.

2. AWS Amplify

AWS amplify is an Amazon-backed solution that facilitates speed and scalability. The developers get access to Amplify libraries and guided workflows which can be used to create a powerful cross-platform backend. The maintenance of this BaaS Service gets easier with Amplify hosting which allows you to host the applications globally via their Content Delivery Network (CDN). The AWS Amplify console provides the ease of managing the user and content.

3. Firebase

Firebases backed by Google add to its relevance. Integration with Google Analytics is a major advantage for developers where they get to know the consumer response to the application in real time. Firebase Analytics is used to increase customer engagement and retention rates. This backend service comes with storage to make the solution scalable and secure. It has many features to fasten the development process.

4. Parse

Parse is one of the popular choices as a backend. It is an open-source platform where the SDKs and the libraries can be easily downloaded. The backend service comes with a large community forum to assist the new developers in using the code. It provides object and file storage for faster development.

5. Kinvey

Kinvey is a serverless application development platform that provides backend and frontend SDKs to develop applications. The developers get access to the abstraction layer where different abstractions are available for different kinds of implementations. Kinvey focuses on the logical development of an application for better user experience and customer satisfaction. It also offers other features such as storage and integration.

Backend Selection

With multiple backend services available, any company needs to be very decisive in selecting any one of them. Parse can be a great backend for small projects where the user can use all the codes for free. The learning gets only better with community support.

For React Native applications demanding a higher level of customizations and features, Back4App, AWS Amplify, Firebase, and Kinvey are great options. The selection should be based on the pricing and model of use.


The backend is important for storing and organizing data to smoothly run the real-time functionalities of any application. It is important to integrate a backend to amplify the performance and security of the application. Biz4Solutions is one of the leading React Native app development companies. We offer cross-platform app solutions using cutting-edge react-native technologies. Our experienced React Native developers will help you map your requirements and develop a solution that enhances customer satisfaction. Contact us today to develop the best react native app to thrive in the competitive environment.