Armstrong recently went off of their finest leaders reputation amidst accusations away from sexual misconduct and you will legal actions

Armstrong recently went off of their finest leaders reputation amidst accusations away from sexual misconduct and you will legal actions

Will teach annihilationism, salvation by-law-remaining, Sabbatarianism, and this man could become a person in “the fresh Jesus family relations” (Godhead)

Chapel out-of Christ, Forehead Parcel, Granville Hedrick, Independence, MO: Splinter category you to broke out of the Reorganized Church out-of Goodness Christ regarding Latter day Saints.

Church off Christ on the Elijah Content, Otto Fetting, Independence, MO: Splinter class you to definitely broke off the Reorganized Church away from Jesus Christ away from Latter-day Saints.

Chapel regarding Christ on the Elijah Content, Greenwood, MO: 1998 splinter classification from Otto Fetting’s number of a comparable name.

Church of Cosmic Resource, Vow Troxell, June Lake, CA: Modern, Society, Cosmic Christianity, a lot more scripture includes The book from Enoch.

Chapel of Extremely important Technology, Scottsdale, AZ: Kabbalah, cosmic legislation away from Divine spark to get to salvation, God is actually All-in first.

Chapel out of Freethought: A social company to have atheists giving the latest solutions having conversation, neighborhood solution, and you may public support offered by theistic church buildings.

Church away from Goodness Evangelistic Connection, David J. Smith, Richardson, TX: Armstrongism splinter classification. Rejects Trinity, identity of Holy Soul, and also the real resurrection. Posts Newswatch Journal and you can Newswatch broadcast and tv software.

Posts The newest Herald off Information publication

Chapel from God, (Abrahamic Faith), Wenatchee, WA: Adventist classification, much like the Bible People communities; denies the brand new Trinity, shows annihilationism. Posts Notes Having Bible Students newsletter.

Church out-of God, Around the world, Gather Ted Armstrong, Tyler, TX: Armstrongism break-regarding group. Posts the new Internationally Development and Twentieth-century See guides.

Chapel of Goodness, Seventh day, Caldwell, ID: Sabbatarianism; sees Sabbath and you can Banquet weeks; baptism essential for salvation (see baptismal regeneration).

Church off Goodness (7th Day) Salem, WV: Rejects the Trinity; instructs Sabbatarianism; notices Banquet months and Sabbath; baptism you’ll need for salvation (see baptismal regeneration). Publishes The fresh Suggest of Details publication.

Chapel out of God Christ out of Latter-date New orleans saints, The latest, Joseph Smith, Sodium Lake Town, UT: (Latter-time New orleans saints, LDS, Mormonism) Main body out of Mormonism; knows Brigham More youthful as Smith’s replacement. Smith claimed the Dad and you may Child appeared to your and you can titled him to restore the true Church. LDS Chapel instructs you to definitely Goodness the father was once a guy and is actually exalted in order to Godhood. Jesus (and his beautiful Wife) begat vast amounts of heart college students, the firstborn regarding which are Goodness. Lucifer try the leader off God’s rebellious spirit people. Those comfort which did not push back getting people manageable to begin with processes potentially leading to exaltation to help you Godhood. Jesus, not, turned a god while you are just a spirit. The guy structured our world and that is Jehovah, brand new Goodness of Israel. He is a new and you will subordinate God so you’re able to Elohim, the daddy. A big difference is established between the Holy Ghost, who’s a good personage out of Heart, in addition to Holy ledende nettsted Spirit. The second was good divine opportunity, push, otherwise spiritual substance you to definitely fulfills the world in fact it is employed by the about three people in the brand new Godhead in the take action and you will accomplishment of the tend to. New Church rejects the fresh new orthodox philosophy of one’s Trinity. It also redefines salvation from the grace to mention simply to resurrection. Most people would be resurrected with the among around three kingdoms off fame, minimum of at which is much much better than things known inside the this life. Entryway on the higher kingdoms, and you can a person’s review truth be told there, depends not merely upon brand new atonement out-of Christ, plus on an individual’s an excellent really works. Completion of your own large possible within the highest empire?Godhood?needs done “behavior to all or any laws and you may ordinances of your own gospel.” The brand new Bible, Book away from Mormon, Pearl of good Price, and Doctrine and you may Covenants are typical noticed scripture. Publishes Chapel Reports and you will Ensign mag. Character offered. Browse situation readily available.