AITech Interview with Ryan Welsh, Chief Executive Officer of Kyndi

Can you provide a brief overview of Kyndi and its core mission in the AI space?

Kyndi’s mission is to eliminate the frustration and wasted time that all of us have experienced when searching for answers. According to reports, people spend 20 percent of their working hours looking for critical information they need to make important decisions, which is one day per week of lost time and opportunities. To address this pervasive problem, Kyndi has created the world’s first Generative AI (GenAI) Answer Engine, a solution which provides direct, accurate, and trusted answers to enterprise users. Kyndi generates the right answers from reliable enterprise content to avoid common hallucinations. Kyndi’s Answer Engine quickly and easily enables understanding of company- and domain-specific language and provides explainability in the results. Kyndi’s unique differentiator is our patented Cognitive Memory which limits the input to any GenAI to include only contextually relevant data. As part of our Answer Engine, Kyndi also provides comprehensive user analytics to help content and knowledge management teams understand the users’ needs and identify gaps in content. Content leaders can use our GenAI-powered, no-code tool to curate, validate, and manage knowledge bases easily and effectively, ensuring correct and relevant answers are always available to the end users.

What inspired you to become involved in AI and natural language processing?

Prior to starting Kyndi, I worked at an investment research firm conducting due diligence on investment opportunities and then at a consulting firm helping organizations who wanted to partner with the federal government. As part of my role, I was required to scrutinize a substantial volume of documents and realized how much time I was wasting reading information which was not important to my analysis. While assessing a few organizations that were developing AI for the federal government, I met several individuals who were leading experts in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. I became fascinated with the prospect of being able to assess vast amounts of documents rapidly while simultaneously developing more informed insight. When my boss agreed to fund my idea, I started Kyndi and haven’t looked back since.

It’s fascinating to hear about the U.S. Air Force leveraging the Kyndi Platform. Could you share a bit more about how the platform is assisting intelligence analysts in extracting insights from historical data?

The U.S. Air Force has amassed a substantial volume of intelligence and data in the form of reports collected over several decades, many of which are still classified. The challenge for any current intelligence analyst is that there is so much information available that it is highly probable that key pieces of information will be missed when they are needed the most. Kyndi enables intelligence analysts to ask full sentence questions and find the relevant and trusted information they seek in one click to optimize the chance that they will derive the most accurate insight for the warfighter, whenever they need it.

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