Your Essential Earthy-Toned Sneaker: The Adidas X Bad Bunny Campus Light Chalky Brown Sneaker

Within the past couple of years, we’ve gotten so used to hearing about the expected collaborations between Nike UAE and Travis Scott Jordan 1. Sure, some of the shoes produced by the iconic duo have been dubbed some of the trendiest sneakers. But I think we can all agree that it’s time for something different. Let’s delve into the most recent sneaker brand and celebrity collaboration that you never knew you needed.

The Start of Something Special 

Bad Bunny took the world by storm after he released his debut album back in 2018. Since then, the Puerto Rican artist has introduced the world to some of the best cultural music that many were not used to. Bad Bunny has always stayed true to himself and loyal to his language and culture, never changing his identity to accommodate the rest of the world.

His rare values of self-expression, dedication, and creativity made him the perfect candidate for a brand partnership with Adidas. In 2020, the artists released a song titled “Yo Visto Así,” in which he details how he’s moving on from his previous partnership with Nike and putting on a fresh pair of Adidas sneakers. Five months later, his partnership with the brand was announced. Unbeknownst to us, this was the start of something great.

For the past four years, the two legends have worked together to produce some of the most sought-after sneakers to hit the market. The first drop, the Bad Bunny x adidas Forum Buckle Low The First Cafe, was a massive success that almost instantly sold out everywhere. Since then, Adidas and Bad Bunny have blessed us with over 20 outstanding sneakers with a focus on three main silhouettes: Campus, Response CL, and Forum Buckle Low.

Down To Earth

The summer of 2023 was a great time for sneakerheads and music lovers alike. With three drops, one for each month of the season, this collaboration was on fire. However, it was the Bad Bunny x Adidas Light Chalky Brown that had many heads turning. This colorway is the cleanest of the many releases so far. Hence, if you’re into sleek, earthy-toned shoes, then this underrated sneaker is an absolute must-have! With its brown hues all throughout, worrying about your shoes breaking up the harmony of your fit is never going to be an issue since the collab’s Campus brown colorway will lend seamlessly into all of your outfits. When it comes to comfort, this sneaker has an inner lining made of premium leather, and with the additional padded collar at the heel, not only will you look your best, but you’ll also feel your best in this sneaker.

This distinguished sneaker is a more elevated version of the Adidas Campus silhouette. It features a suede light brown upper with three dark brown stripes on the side made out of leather, which creates a striking contrast to the otherwise natural look, both in color and texture. Additionally, the hints of cream across the sole and the laces are the perfect shade to top off the sneaker’s warm color palette. There is a unique addition to this sneaker that you might not have heard of: a double tongue. While both are made of nylon, the first one is made in brown, featuring the evil eye logo Bad Bunny is known for, and the second one is made in cream, featuring the classic Adidas logo. This addition perfectly signifies the relationship between the two.

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