Food Delivery Apps Are the Best Resource for Train Travellers

Train journeys offer an marvellous route to explore the wealthy diversity of India. The advent of the railway has connected even the remotest parts of the country. One can book a ticket and satisfy their wanderlust at any time.However, when making travel plans by train, the accessibility of good meals becomes a significant concern. Online train food delivery app services provide tasty and nutritious cuisine Food on Train that improves the mood, looks after the health and makes travel more exciting.

How Train Food Food Delivery App Enhance Trip Experience

Food available in pantry cars and food stalls at stations can be unhealthy and unappetising. They can cause an upset tummy, ruining the travelling mood. But here is the good news. The scenario has changed now. Modern technology has introduced many food delivery apps that deliver food even on the train.

Food delivery service is the real saviour for travellers. It makes delicious and healthy meals delivered to your seat on the train at a reasonable price. Here is how food delivery apps have emerged as the best resource for train travellers.

Enjoy the Diversity of Food Options.

Travel and good food are closest to human emotions. The combination of a journey to your favourite place and good food on the way is the best experience you can aspire to. Are you planning a train trip? You need not carry an extra bag of tiffins because train food delivery apps are here to your rescue. You can order any dish while on the train from an online food delivery app. There is no need to wait to reach the destination or feel homesick to get good food.

Railway e-catering services have answers to all your food cravings.Online food delivery apps offer you a variety of cuisines to order on the train.

Some of the popular dishes are listed here:

  • Spicy and nutritious Indian cuisines like butter paneer masala, mushroom curry, veg biryani, etc.
  • South Indian dishes include Utpam, Upma, Idli, Dosa, Pongal, Vada, etc.
  • Chinese delicacies like Hakka Noodles, fried rice, Manchow, and Manchurian.
  • Platters like Mini Veg thali, Deluxe thali, Maharaja platter, combo offers, and regional platters.
  • Non-veg delicacies: chicken dishes, fish, eggs, etc.
  • Upvas platter with Navratri specialities, Kattu dishes, fruit chaat, and milkshakes.
  • You can even order light food for sick passengers like sugar-free food, khichdi, and daliya, and food for babies, like cow milk and oats.
  • Got your birthday or anniversary on the train? Train food apps deliver cakes, pastries, and sweets, too.

Feel the Ease of Ordering

The best thing about online food ordering apps is that they are easy to use. People of any age can readily navigate the order food on train service apps. You only need your PNR number or train details, like berth number, train number, and coach number. You need to open a train food delivery app and order your favourite meal on the train. Moreover, one can also place an order using WhatsApp or a customer care number.

Order Food in Bulk

Are you travelling in a group with friends or family? Then you will have to take care of everyone’s food choices. It can be confusing if you are ignorant of Indian railway e-catering services. Food delivery apps have made it easy to order food on the train.

Luckily, you can now order food in bulk i.e, Group Order In Train while on the train. You can order a different combination of your choices for your group. For example, you can order pizza for children, cholesterol-free food for the elderly, non-veg food for friends, a Deluxe Thali for relatives, or a cake to celebrate a birthday, all at the same time.

Avail of Pre-booking of Meal

Ordering food instantly at the moment can be confusing. You may miss out on ordering something important, too. Thanks to online train food delivery apps, which provide you with the option of pre-booking meals. You can book your meal in advance before the journey begins. It saves you from the confusion and hassle of ordering.

There is often a network problem on the train, which makes ordering food difficult. So, by pre-booking meals, you can have a sense of relaxation. Railway food services deliver your meal at the desired station. You also get an option to get Jain Food in Train through RailRestro.

Pay as per Your Preferred Way

To add to your comfort, meals on wheels services allow you to make payments online and offline while ordering food. You can make the payment online using your UPI ID and bank details. If you have opted for offline payment, keep changes to prevent hurrying. While doing the online payment, make sure you use the correct UPI and bank details for swift ordering.

Appreciate the Appealing Packaging

Every foodie knows the importance of packaging in food. The alluring presentation of the food enhances the hunger level. The team food apps deliver food in lucrative packaging. The packaging is done in such a way as to avoid spillover. It maintains the freshness and hotness of food for a longer period. Nowadays, eco-friendly packaging is also being promoted.

Be Assured of Good Cooking Hygiene

Hygiene has become an important issue, especially in a pandemic-driven world. Food should be cooked in a hygienic way to avoid any infection or food poisoning. Food delivery apps deliver food from trusted FSSAI-approved restaurants where food is prepared in a hygienic environment. Apart from taste, the quality of food is taken care of.

Find Customer Service a Phone Call Away

Do you want to add instructions to your food? Do you need extra cutlery on the train? Now all these services are possible with online food delivery apps that establish a direct connection between consumers and customer care executives. You can call a particular food app’s customer care helpline to help you with the delivery. They will help resolve your issues, and you can also give them feedback for further improvement.

Get the Refund Option

Have you missed your order? Or do you feel that the quality of food is compromised? Do not worry about the money you have spent. You can get a refund on your food instantly if your food has not been delivered to the desired station. However, food on-train caterers can only extend refund services online.

Enjoy Lucrative Discount Coupons

Nowadays, discount coupons rule the hearts of customers. After all, who does not want to save extra money? Getting concessions on your favourite products, especially food, is like the cherry on the cake. Luckily, food delivery apps offer you plenty of appealing coupons on food orders, which catalyse your cravings. You can use these coupons to order a little more food and save extra money.

Choose the Best App to Order Food on Train

Thanks to e-catering services, we now have considerable options to order food on the train. A platter of nutritious and fresh meals adds excitement to the train adventure.

But, food aggregator services such as Swiggy and Zomato food delivery in train services are no match for RailRestro’s expert online train catering service for passengers. This food delivery app offers you plenty of choices for ordering food, like bulk orders, pre-booking meals, discount coupons, and a delectable platter of your favourite dishes on the train.

Imagine enjoying a slice of pizza while watching a movie on the train. Doesn’t it feel so peaceful? Online railway food delivery apps are like a blessing to train travellers. They have made the journey easier and more comfortable.

So, you make plans on how to enjoy your journey and let Railrestro take care of your cravings. Place a meal order using its smartphone application or portal.

  Author : RailRestroApp