Beginners Guide to Microsoft Power BI – UniAthena

Don’t get lost in spreadsheets anymore. A world of interactive dashboards and reports awaits you. Power BI is your starting point for exploring data if you’re a curious newbie. You may discover the hidden stories in your data by using Power BI. Simple data can be transformed into beautiful visuals with just a few clicks. If you’re tired of bland data charts and want to turn them into captivating and interactive visualizations, then learn Microsoft Power BI for free.

In this blog, we will examine the dynamic domain of Power BI, its application, and the best way to get started with Power BI.

Applications of Microsoft Power BI

  • Data Visualization: Power BI will enable companies to design report formats that are appealing and interactive for the data, which makes it possible to understand complex details. This makes businesses discover key patterns, trends, and outlier data that traditional spreadsheets may not be capable of.
  • Data Integration: Power BI provides connectivity with a range of old and modern data sources, which could be cloud-based or on-premises data in databases, spreadsheets, and applications from the Web. Such integration makes it easier for organizations to pull data from various sources that help to know about their processes in detail.
  • Real-time Analytics: Power BI helps businesses get real-time data monitoring opportunities which give them actionable information about what is happening in the organization. This helps them make speedy decisions backed by reliable facts and change them as they monitor the market or business status.
  • Collaboration: Power BI allows various people to cooperate, and share reports, and dashboards, thus making it possible for everyone in the team to view the same set of information and analysis. This promotes clarity and increases the chance of making effective management across the organization.

Power BI’s Future

As a result, with the help of Microsoft, the system is going to become even more in demand with the new features. They are-

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning- Microsoft is leveraging in-depth AI and Machine Learning components to incorporate them in Power BI, which will allow customers to produce forecasted insights and take over data analysis projects.
  • Augmented Analytics- Power BI will continue to add AI-driven features like detecting trends, providing personalized guidance, and finding anomalies that will reduce users’ effort in data exploration tasks.
  • Connectivity and Collaboration- As companies depend more and more on cloud computing, the platform’s capability of quickly merging with a multitude of cloud-based applications and other additional sources will likely become a key component.

Getting Started With Power BI

Unleash the full power of your data with ease and turn it into appealing representations that will have a lasting impression. Take a Power BI free course at UniAthena and start an exciting path of learning. Around your hectic schedule, you’ll discover crucial methods for building visually appealing data models in about four to six hours. With flexible online learning choices, you can learn at your own speed. Get a recognized blockchain-verified certification from Cambridge International Qualifications, UK, upon completion of the free learning course. Improve your understanding of Microsoft Power BI Fundamentals and open yourself to almost endless data-driven opportunities.


The companies that apply Data Visualization and Business Intelligence in their decision processes will stay at the top of the competition while others will remain behind. Microsoft Power BI is the must-have software for a winning entrepreneur. It combines Business Intelligence and Data Visualization into a user-friendly package for optimal productivity. Companies such as Tesla, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Netflix, Walmart, and Uber are just a few that are introducing BI systems to consolidate their leading positions.