AITech Interview with Nathan Stevenson, Founder and CEO at ForwardLane

Can you tell us about your journey and what motivated you to co-found ForwardLane, particularly focusing on AI’s role in financial services?

My journey into fintech came to me when I worked at the multi-asset alternative asset manager, CQS. There, we could find insights and act on them far ahead of financial institutions. When I saw how difficult it was for advisors to get to insights, I came up with the vision of an AI co-pilot for every financial advisor. With EMERGE, that vision is now a reality. EMERGE analyzes all your data to uncover opportunities and deliver insights tailored to each user and client.

Could you share some insights into how ForwardLane approaches risk management and operations in the context of AI-driven solutions for financial services?

EMERGE is built to enterprise-grade standard from the ground up with model explainability, data governance, and security. This means SOC2 and GDPR compliance, bank-grade encryption and the highest commitment to transparency. In fact, we are Transparency-certified – the highest standard for data privacy, security, and ESG. You get cutting-edge AI that you can trust.

With your background in program management and project management, how does this expertise translate into successful implementations of AI solutions for your clients?

With EMERGE, implementations are turnkey and non-disruptive. Our program manager came from LinkedIn with over 15 years of SVP experience. We handle the complexity behind the scenes so users instantly get value. We offer self-hosted, managed and fully web-based options.

ForwardLane has been recognized as a fast-growing and award-winning AI wealth tech startup. Could you tell us about some of the milestones and achievements that have contributed to this success?

It’s great to be recognized by the industry as a WealthTech 100 and AI Fintech 100, as well as having the privilege of working with the World Economic Forum on AI in Financial Services research. Collaborations with New York University’s Data Science group on applied AI, along with amazing accelerator programs with Fintech Innovation Labs New York, Barclays Techstars London, SixThirty Fintech and the Onramp Insuretech accelerator helped us get us to where we are today. We’re proud of the exponential growth EMERGE is set to drive for clients. Leading financial institutions are achieving game-changing ROI,ut this is just the beginning.

Lastly, could you highlight any ongoing or upcoming projects or developments at ForwardLane that our audience should be excited about?

EMERGE is our no-code generative intelligence platform. It combines the power of navigating large amounts of enterprise data with ease, to create, preview and publish insights for a wider enterprise audience or just for your own use. This is fully integrated with EMERGE GPT, so the new insights you create can now be applied and used with all of your clients interactively through a conversation interface. All with enterprise-grade security and compliance. EMERGE delivers on the promise of enterprise AI. I invite you to be among the first to leverage its capabilities and transform your business. The value is immense.

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