Tactics for candidates to ace the IELTS Reading section.

Some candidates appear in the IELTS test to check their english proficiency. This test evaluates candidates ability to read, write, speak, and listen in the English. For non-native english speakers, it is a doubting task to ace this test. English proficiency test is the most crucial requirement of the study visa. Candidates who want to go abroad fpr study have to clear the english proficiency test. To show that they can communicate with others in english. To ace the test candidates have to work hard and equally pay attention to each section of the test. Also, they follow various strategies like joining a coaching center, following expert guidance, learning tactics from the internet, practicing mock tests, and many more. 

However, most of the candidates struggle with the reading section. During this section, candidates have to go through three completely different passages and solve the 40 different types of questions in just one hour. The main goal of the reading section is to evaluate candidates’ ability to understand what they have read. To ace this section candidates have to pay full attention and manage their time effectively. In this article, we will discuss, some strategies that help candidates to ace the reading section. 

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Here are some strategies that help candidates ace the reading section

Skim over and watch for the answers

Skimming is an excellent strategy for the reading section. To “skim” is to focus only on the main ideas. You don’t need to read each word carefully. Keep in mind that all you have to do is answer the questions. So, read the text quickly, then begin your search for the solutions.

Watch your time

Keep in mind that you only have 60 minutes and you have to go through the 3 different passages and solve the 40 different types of questions.  You will not get any extra time so, manage your time carefully. Also, it is advisable to directly transfer your answer on the answer sheet as you will not get some extra time for it at the end. 

Check spelling 

When you write the answer make sure that you write correct spelling. Because if your answer is written but you make a blunder with the spelling you will get zero points. In addition, make sure your answer is grammatically correct and pay attention to the singular and plural.


When you skim and scan you have to underline the important information like dates, events, names, and important phrases. This strategy will save you time when you search for that particular information you will easily get that in the passage. 

No blank boxes

To ace the reading section you must answer all the questions. Even if you are not sure about the answer and struggling to find the answer just go with the guesswork. Because giving the incorrect answer does not result in a failing grade. In addition, when time is running out and you have not solved all the questions you have to try your luck and write the answer that seems most probable.

Choose your technique

There are several strategies for the reading sections. Some prefer to read the passage first and some prefer to go through the questions first. So, you have to choose the best strategy that works best for you. For that, you have to implement the various strategies. In this way, you will get the most appropriate strategy for yourself. 

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Wrapping up

Although it is difficult for candidates to ace the IELTS reading section with high band scores. However, the above-mentioned tactics will help candidates to ace this section.