Seek God and Spread Love with Breaking the Chains International Ministries Inc.

Seeking God is a lifelong journey for a believer. It is a personal and spiritual journey that involves a sincere quest to develop a closer and more profound connection with your Lord. To do that, you have to align your entire life with the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. But often, our worldly temptations hold us from embarking on this journey.

That’s why you need the community support to be on the right path. We at Breaking the Chains International Ministries Inc. understand that and truly believe that a vibrant community of faith can help individuals seek God and spread the message of love.

Welcome to BTC International Ministries Inc.

Breaking the Chains International Ministries Inc. provides a sanctuary for souls where they can heal and develop a deeper connection with their God. We are bringing a platform where you can experience true moments of joy, hope, and healing. We stand with the shared beliefs and values of Christianity and try to uplift everyone around us.

It is a safe place to worship, learn, and support one another and spread the message of love like Jesus Christ. The hurting, lost, and broken souls can find a place to heal.

Whether you’re seeking spiritual guidance, a sense of belonging to the Christian community, or a place to nurture your faith, our congregation opens its arms to welcome you.

What Does the BTC International Ministries Inc. stand for?

The main goal of Breaking the Chains is to glorify God and love everyone as Jesus loved. We want to reflect God’s love, grace, and truth through our actions so that we can inspire others toward Christianity. We also believe in the power of redemption and urge individuals to take action for the restoration of faith. Because we are all the children of God, and He is the most forgiving.

BTC International Ministries Inc. strives to:

  1. To spread the message of salvation in our faith and promote true repentance.
  2. Teaching and nurturing believers’ faithfulness to God and giving them the message of living a holy life.
  3. Preserving faith by contending for it.
  4. Supporting our fellow believers and all humankind who might need help.

These are some of the principles that bind us together for spreading the message of faith and love for all.

Importance of Faith Community for Seeking God

Christianity preaches the importance of collective prayers and religious practices. You may think that discovering the love for God is an individual journey, but the truth is having a community around you can significantly help you.

When you feel discouraged by your life’s circumstances, you may find it difficult to stay connected with your Lord, and this is when a community of believers can uplift you. It can provide you with support and hope so you remain steadfast on your path toward finding God. Besides, it allows you to praise God collectively.

We at Breaking the Chains International Ministries Inc. truly believe in the power of the faith community. That’s why we have built a platform that accepts every broken soul. We share messages of divine guidance and wisdom for all and try to help them in their faith journey.

Strength and Compassion

Staying a part of a religious community is one of the most fulfilling feelings. It gives you inspiration as you can learn from a diverse group of people. Besides, it is fascinating to see how people from different backgrounds come together for one cause, which is to glorify God’s grace and spread love like Jesus.

Faith community also instills in you a sense of belonging. Even if you do not have the support of family or friends, you can find support here. It gives you qualities such as strength and compassion so that you can continue to move forward with positivity.

You can also learn the importance of generosity and how it is for an individual. It is essentially the cornerstone of our religious community that encourages everyone to take care of their fellow believers and all humanity. That’s why BTC Ministries Inc. donate for the church community to spread the Bible’s message. You can also become a part of it by contributing to BTC. With this generosity, you will be sowing the seeds of love for faith and togetherness.

Join Us on a Journey of Faith

If you are on a journey or want to restart your journey to strengthen your bond with God, BTC International Ministries Inc. is the right platform for you. We are bringing a positive change in how we preach Christianity and the message of the Bible. We believe in spreading love and helping others like Jesus.