QuickBooks Update Error 15106

Payroll update error 15106 encounters due to corrupted update program files. This issue generally occurs while operating software whenever users try to download and install updates.

This error message displays as unable to update payroll. Receive this error 15106 unable to update QuickBooks while you are updating Desktop to the latest release because of one of the following:

  • Your current installed antivirus application blocking the update
  • Maybe you aren’t logged in as the administrator

Following is the list of Causes of Update Error Code 15106

Users often think about why this error message pops up on their computer screen, so there are mainly three causes behind the occurrence of this error. These are:

  • Spy Sweeper may occasionally be present in the anti-virus web-root
  • UAC settings can also be one of the reasons
  • Users may not have logged in with the proper username that has the rights to the admin level. The chances of reading and writing new files are limited in this situation, resulting in the problem of performing the desired task.

Only 6 Reliable Ways to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15106

Below-mentioned is the list of resolutions to quickly rectify this most common update issue:

Ways I: Sign in as an Administrator with full access to control

  • Initially, press Windows + R keys together from your console
  • And then you can Run box appears on your screen
  • Next, type Control Panel in the appeared Run box
  • And then press the “Ok” button
  • Navigate the “User Accounts” and then click on the “User Accounts” option
  • After that, you can see the name on the right side in the Users Accounts
  • If a user is logged in as Admin, It’ll show you the Administrator below to your name.

Ways II: Shutdown Antivirus

To close the Antivirus program installed in the system you need to follow the below-written steps:

  • Locate your keyboard and hit on Ctrl+Shift+Esc to display the Task Manager window.
  • Discover the processes option and then find out the antivirus downloaded on your system with an extention.exe
  • Uninstall the program
  • Choose the end process
  • Modify the name of the folder containing update content. For renaming follow the steps:
    • Hit on the Windows+E key from the keyboard device to display File Explorer on the screen
    • Locate C: drive\programfiles\Intuit\ (yr)\components

Ways III: Disable or Uninstall your Antivirus and Rename folders

  • The very first, go to Windows Notification Area
  • And then select the antivirus and make a right-click on it
  • Now, it prompts you to disable it temporarily
  • After that, reinstall your update QuickBooks.

Follow the steps to rename the QB Update folder

  • Press keys from your keyboard together that is Windows +E
  • Next, locate the path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\ (year)\Components
  • And then search the DownloadQBXX (XX means the version) and then right-click on the same
  • Now, add .old at the end of the name. For example; DownloadXX.old.

Ways IV: Switch of UAC feature

user account control

If you are using the operating system Windows 7 & 8 then you need to recheck the UAC.

For this, follow the below-given instructions:

  • Firstly, open the Run box by pressing Windows + R keys from your keyboard
  • Next, enter the Control Panel and then press the Ok button
  • Now, go to the “System and Security”
  • And then click on the “Security & Maintenance” option
  • Under the same, locate the “User Account Control”
  • After that, select the “Change Settings” option
  • Moving forward, select the “Never Notify” option by moving the slider
  • And then press the “OK” button
  • Finally, press the “Yes” button, if UAC asked you.

Ways V: Uninstall & Reinstall

  • Make sure that you have a license and product number of your Desktop before you uninstall.
  • Open the Run box by pressing Windows + R keys on your keyboard
  • Enter appwiz.cpl in the open Run box and then press the “OK” button
  • Select the “ Desktop” within the program list
  • And then click on the “Uninstall” button
  • Wait till the un-installation is completed because it takes time to complete.

Ways VI: Clean Installation

  • You are required to uninstall the software in an appropriate manner and then reinstall it.
  • This will resolve the update error which occurred due to improper configuration of update software.

Another way to Resolve Payroll Update Error 15106- if Occurred in Enterprise Edition 2019

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Execute Reboot.bat
  • Open your Desktop
  • Hit on install now to install an update
  • If you are unable to perform installation then delete and download the update
  • Choose to install now.

We hope that the above-composed steps assisted you to rectify the payroll update error 15106. However, if you still face any difficulty or are stuck while performing any of the steps or want any resolution regarding QuickBooks Enterprise Consulting or any other functional issue then call the customer helpline number.

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