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It then travels through a copper tube back to the indoor unit where it passes through an expansion device, which regulates the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator coil. The cold refrigerant then absorbs more heat from the indoor air and the cycle continues. The thermostat, which is typically mounted on a wall in a central location within the home, monitors and controls the temperature of the indoor air. The cooling process starts when the thermostat senses the air temperature needs to be lowered and sends signals to the air conditioning system components both inside and outside the home to start running. The fan from the indoor unit pulls hot air from inside the house through return air ducts.

This is of immense use when you’ve just entered your house and need immediate relief from the heat. The HVAC drawings include equipment and diffusers, which are provided in symbols on the drawings. This equipment needs to be described as it is used to estimate, order, and install at the site. Variable speed motor — The fan motor used to drive a two-stage cooling system. Minimum outside air — A low limit on the amount of fresh air allowed into an air conditioning system. Cycling — The process of an air conditioner turning on, processing some amount of air, and turning off.

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Each of these air conditioner components functions in sync with each other and has a specific job to do – to keep your air conditioner running like a well-oiled machine. An air conditioner is like an orchestra, with many different parts working together in symphony to achieve the end result and provide cool or hot air to the room. When everything is working fine, you do not even notice that there are multiple components inside the unassuming box, making up your air conditioner work smoothly. However, when you delve deeper, you’ll find an interconnected maze of air conditioner components.

  • The AC unit components discussed above are the main ones, but there are some more as well.
  • The HVAC plans include plan notes to describe the installation details and fixture types.
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  • We have installed the units in 80 flats in the society with total capacity of 960HP.

If your AC unit is located near a bedroom window or patio, for example, sound performance might be an important feature to consider. Cooling is generally achieved in the air conditioning system through a refrigeration cycle, but sometimes evaporation or free cooling is employed. The system can also be made based on desiccants (chemicals that eliminate moisture from the air).

Legends contain abbreviations with symbols used for equipment, piping, ducts, and other features shown in a plan view. Floor plans do not include notes or details for all those symbols used on the plan. The best practice is to refer to legends before moving on to the plans. Examples of on-site heat sinks are the upper atmosphere (night sky), the outdoor air (wind), and the earth/soil.

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Section drawings take such an imaginary slice through an object or building. Without proper maintenance, the expected life of HVAC components can be drastically reduced, leading to expensive repairs. Tax professionals should be able to understand an HVAC invoice to determine whether the cost may be deducted as a repair expense. Thermidistat — A unit that monitors both temperature and humidity and adjusts your cooling unit accordingly to maintain pre-determined levels.

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These coils are usually made out of copper but can also be made of steel or aluminum. Copper is the preferred choice because it has better thermal conductivity, is easier to work with, and is effortless to maintain. Let’s look at how they work together to make an air conditioner do what it does. Note that in the case of window ACs, the three components mentioned above are all located in a small metal box installed in a window opening.

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This indicates that the air conditioner nominally rated as 0.71 tons can go as low as 0.17 tons and as high as 1.10 tons. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit (equivalent to 1055 joules of heat). The system works as it will normally do in the summer by pulling heat from the indoors and distribute it outdoors.

For example, the skin depth of a copper conductor is approximately 8.57 mm at 60 Hz, so high current conductors are usually hollow to reduce their mass and cost. This tendency of alternating current to flow predominantly in the periphery of conductors reduces the effective cross-section of the conductor. This increases the effective AC resistance of the conductor, since resistance is inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area. A conductor’s AC resistance is higher than its DC resistance, causing a higher energy loss due to ohmic heating (also called I2R loss). For three-phase at utilization voltages a four-wire system is often used. When stepping down three-phase, a transformer with a Delta (3-wire) primary and a Star (4-wire, center-earthed) secondary is often used so there is no need for a neutral on the supply side.

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Recall that the general notes are provided on the first page, along with legends and symbols. It consists of instructions followed during the complete installation of duct, pipes, and equipment. It also provides details of the owner’s requirement or renovation guidelines. The expansion valve, also known as a throttle device, is located between contra entries the two coils, the cooling coils of the evaporator and the hot coils of the condenser. Electric Heat Units with electric heat will have an additional heating element near the vents that is heated using electricity. Units with electric heat generally last longer than the heat pump types and are quieter, but are not as energy efficient.

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Packaged unit — A unit that houses all the parts of your air conditioner. Energy Star — A designation given by the Environmental Protection Agency to high-efficiency air conditioners that perform above and beyond the government’s minimum standards. Dry-charged unit — An air conditioner that is shipped without any refrigerant and charged after installation. Constant air volume system — An air conditioning system designed to provide constant air flow.

Perhaps the most important of all air conditioner components, the compressor is the workhorse of air conditioning. For central and split systems, the compressor is located in the outdoor unit. The majority of an air conditioner’s energy consumption is because of the compressor, and it is generally the most expensive part of the system. This warm air is sucked in through a grill at the bottom of the indoor unit, which then flows through some pipes through which the refrigerant, i.e. a coolant, flows. Thus, heat is removed from the air that falls on the evaporator coils.

As seen in the picture, the duct layout is installed while referring to the drawings provided at installation time. Wall lines are often drawn lighter and thinner than the HVAC system lines to make the system particulars stand out clearly. In some instances, the ductwork might be shaded for easier identification. Special kind of line types is used to indicate fire-rated wall or equipment sections. Recall that every drawing has its symbols with descriptions that are provided in the legends. HVAC systems are denoted using symbols for various uses such as equipment, diffusers, piping sizes, and duct layouts.