Portugal Golden Visa Basic Overview

The Portugal Golden Visa was started by the Portuguese government in 2012 with a vision to bolster their economy. This visa has been a big attraction for non-European investors around the globe who wish to move to Portugal for residential purposes. In this brief read, you will be enlightened with an overview of Portugal’s Golden Visa program.

In essence, Portugal’s Golden Visa provides a five-year residence-by-investment to non-EU residents. In simpler ways, this scheme is for non-EU investors who can find an easy way to relocate to Portugal. Also, through this scheme, qualifying investors become eligible for all the opportunities such as the right to live, work, and study in Portugal alongside moving to European countries and European Schengen Areas.

Benefits of Moving to Portugal

What you can Expect after Moving to Portugal 

Portugal is not all about a holiday destination but a place where you can find the actual meaning of a happy life. And you can expect a lot of spectacular options when you move to Portugal.

·         Quality Life

Portugal is known for its pleasant climate and atmosphere. With beautiful beaches and landscapes, it provides a splendid quality of life.

·         Low Cost of Living

An affordable lifestyle is one of the best trademarks of Portugal. This is why expats love and enjoy living in Portugal since living there does not force them to break the bank.

·         Atmosphere and Environment 

Regarded as one of the safest places in the world., Portugal offers its residents the best environment to thrive. Also being one of the safest countries in the world, you can enjoy a comfortable life here.

·         Citizenship 

Portugal offers residential options and freedom to its expats. It further improves the pathways to citizenship alongside its Golden Visa program with other immigration sources.

·         Education and Healthcare 

For families and retirees, good education and affordable and quality healthcare is essential. Thanks to Portugal, it is all an accessible reality with ease.

·         Exploration Opportunities 

Given Portugal’s geographical location, it sets you at the perfect place to begin further exploration into other countries and cities of Europe.

Key Benefits of Portugal’s Golden Visa Program

Portugal’s Golden Visa is a great talking point when considering moving to Portugal. Investors find it helpful to obtain a residence certificate by investing in Portugal in any way. While it extremely benefits Portugal’s economy, the investors enjoy splendid perks.

Some of these perks are mentioned below:

  • Access to around 27 countries in the EU and visa-free travel to 172 countries
  • Good affordable investment opportunities starting from €250,000
  • Simple plan that makes you eligible for a European passport in five years
  • A perfect investment in an attractive market that leads to real returns
  • Option to become a non-habitual resident and pay little to no tax for 10 years
  • Short stay requirement

Who is Eligible for Portugal’s Golden Visa Program?

The Golden Visa Program has unique benefits. But these benefits come to those who are eligible for them. To simplify things, here are all the eligibility requirements that will make your path to an investment in Portugal hurdle-free.

  • A clean criminal record
  • Must be a non-EU, non-Swiss, or non-EEA national
  • Although there are different investment options, the minimum investment must be €250,000
  • Spend an average of 7 days per year in Portugal, guaranteeing a total of 14 days during the validity of a single residence card

Investment Options for Portugal’s Golden Visa

Portugal’s Golden Visa is all about investment. For this, your investment will ensure your residence certificate for a five-year period. Portugal’s diverse and stable economy makes for a perfect investment opportunity that ensures fruitful returns while working in Portugal.

Here are the different Golden Visa investment options that you can benefit from:

  • Make a contribution to a qualified investment fund of at least €500,000
  • Investment or donation in arts or reconstruction of national heritage of at least €250,000
  • Science of Technology research contribution of at least €500,000
  • Creation and maintenance of 10 jobs during the required period

Portugal’s Golden Visa Documentation Requirements 

To apply for Portugal’s Golden Visa, you need a set of documents such as:

  • Golden Visa application form
  • Copy of a valid passport and travel documents
  • Declaration from your bank in Portugal confirming the transfer of funds from abroad
  • Proof of health insurance in Portugal
  • Background check or a police clearance letter from your country of origin
  • Declaration of honour to maintain investment for five years
  • Documents showing good standing with Portugal’s tax and customs authority
  • Document showing non-enrollment or good standing with the Social Security
  • Receipt of payment of application processing fee

Why work with Portugal Residency Advisors?

·         Local Expertise

We know Portugal. Due to our extensive local knowledge, we believe that concentrating our services in a single country destination is the best way to give you the most thorough and useful information.

·         Holistic Approach

One single channel of communication for the entire process. We provide you with a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of your move, from identifying the ideal residency visa to finding your new home or helping you to settle.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Portugal Golden Visa

  1. What are the steps of Golden Visa application processing?

There are 7 steps to Golden Visa application:

  • Onboarding
  • Bank account and NIF
  • Making investment
  • Online application
  • Pre-approval
  • Biometrics visit
  • Golden visa issuance
  1. What are the government fees for Golden Visa applications?

The government fees for Golden Visa processing are:

  • Online application submission: €773.74
  • Granting the permit: €7,730.10
  • Per renewal: €3,865.79
  1. What are the legal application fees for Golden Visa processing?

The legal fees are as follows:

  • Golden Visa application fees range from €5,000 to €8,000 for a single applicant (dependents younger than 18 years of age can be included free of charge)
  • Additional application fees for dependents older than 18 years range from €500 to €2,000
  1. What are the renewal fees for a Golden Visa?

The renewal fees of Golden Visa are:

  • €1,000 to €2,500 for a single applicant
  • €500 to €2,000 for applicants aged 18 and older