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Finally, social media are perfect marketing channels to onboard new users. Allow students to manage their schedules, browse the app, and monitor their progress. This feature makes it easier for teachers to manage their schedules, upload materials, and gain insights into student metrics. This step gives students the freedom to choose their adventure. Various topics, levels, and formats let them customize an experience that meets their goals.

Teachers can also provide various materials like YouTube videos and surveys. It allows teachers or other presenters to create quizzes that students can take on their phones. Kahoot is great for testing students’ understanding of the subject, reaching those staying at home, and even collecting opinions with polls. A dedicated educational app can also help teachers organize information, conduct, and structure the lesson, as well as track students’ progress. At Business Of Apps we have the form for posting app projects, we send to professional app developers we host in our directory.

Educational App Development in 2023: Main Steps, Features and Cost

Students pay for each course or get a subscription for a certain period. While developing an educational app, integrate a secure gateway and protect user data and sensitive information from unauthorized access. Offer a range of payment options to users, including credit and debit cards, PayPal, and others. These apps are designed to provide in-depth information and resources for a particular subject area. They may offer interactive learning experiences, multimedia content, and self-assessment tools.

educational mobile application development

Teachers use educational apps to diversify their classes, make them more interactive and interesting. A snappy test or easily accessible graphic materials makes a world of difference for students’ activity and motivation. Traditional education no longer holds many promises for learners who are already versed in modern tools and techniques. Even in today’s classrooms, learners prefer to use their mobile apps every now and then for a variety of purposes.

What is the education app development process?

Mobile gamification is one of the most trending educational app features, makes learning enjoyable and easy by including quizzes, puzzles, and cultivating games for students. In this app, people of any age group can play the different types of quizzes according to their choice, difficulty level, and category. In this blog, we will provide you with a deep understanding of education app development. You just need to create a business plan, determining your ambitions and available resources. After the project evaluation, the team will take over developing a design concept, the app itself, testing its quality, and maintenance if needed.

  • The best apps are simple and convenient for the end users and ultimately don’t overcomplicate things.
  • If you’re planning to design an education app, getting a free quote from mobile app development professionals is usually a wise move–this is especially true if you’re just starting out.
  • The best app developers will offer post-deployment maintenance and support; if they don’t, it’s smart to look elsewhere.
  • More users are looking for video content, and YouTube videos get viewed by their billions every single day.

So, the app should be easily scaled up and stay relevant for different businesses. Fortunately, we managed to choose the right tech stack, sort out a complex system of roles in the application, and successfully meet the deadline despite all odds. For reference, the development of an MVP usually takes us up to 3 months. And we can bring to life a project as complex as a streaming service in 10 months.

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With hundreds of UX companies to choose from, how do you get started? Our list of the best UX companies includes client reviews, minimum project size, team size, specialty services, and client focus. Define the services you need, project educational mobile application development goals, and budget to begin narrowing your choices. Specifications and features need to be coded, programmed, and tested. Developing an app that accepts payments and manages your accounts will take more time than a knowledge app.

On iOS, you will need to do this through Mobile Device Management. You should have set up DevOps processes during the development step, but maintaining it post-release ensures you will be able to seamlessly ship updates once your application is in the stores. Whether your solution helps learners practice a speech or solve math problems by taking photos of equations, it’s AI algorithms that make it possible. You can also use it for perfecting recommendations and streamlining the learning process. Facebook and Google logins add up to easier onboarding, while the ability to invite friends allows you to scale up faster. You can also leverage the social aspect of learning by encouraging users to comment and share their findings.

Does the developer handover the ownership of the code to the client post completion of the project?

One would imagine the field of education removed from the shadow of technology, but it’s interesting to find that the opposite is true. After all, education is also more of a business and less of a social service today. But the development of the educational sector is partly due to the glorious evolution of smartphones and mobile applications. They no longer use it for entertainment and to maintain social connections; they utilize technology to solidify their academic journey and improve their learning trajectory. These advanced methods act as a bridge between teachers and students.

educational mobile application development

As a result, we’ve managed to build an educational mobile app for both iOS and Android. Using artificial intelligence technology, we created a learning path for each user. The app chooses questions in ways most relevant to each learner based on what they already know.

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Educational apps are designed to provide every source of information more conveniently without any complex resolutions. For kids, the app will have basic knowledge, and for adults, the app will provide advanced information for professionals. A well-crafted, user-friendly interface is a key to success for educational apps. However, the development of intuitive and visually engaging UI/UX design requires a lot of time and resources, contributing to higher costs. The complexity of features and functionalities within an educational app directly correlates with development expenses. Obviously, apps with interactive lessons, quizzes, progress tracking, multimedia content, and social interaction demand more time and resources for their creation.

Flexibility is key for visual learners exploring interactive modules and auditory learners exploring podcasts. Choose the types of educational app you need, how your audience will react to this, and analyze your competitors. The small team provides branding, marketing strategy, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

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Today more and more users are looking for video content to study instead of long,  boring texts. For example, YouTube videos are viewed 4 billion times every day. As videos have become the most powerful way for people to view and digest new information, you can create video lectures where teachers explain learning programs just like in real life. These instructional videos work for various types of educational apps. Once the design is complete, it’s time to build an education app.

Some computer science degrees will combine these language classes as part of your major while in other cases they are offered as electives. The time duration required to build the app includes different testing phases that involve changes and improvements in the app. All such factors affect the cost of educational app development. Educational apps are the source of general knowledge where students, professionals, teachers can start learning anytime or anywhere.

So, decide wisely while choosing the right learning app development platform. Compare all the options available and choose the best option that fits perfectly with your requirements and budget. Twinr stands out best because of its ease of use, implementation and support system. Twinr allows users to convert their existing website into a feature-rich mobile app that performs superbly. Creating a clear definition of your app’s purpose and the demographics of its intended users will act as a navigational compass for you throughout the application development process.