IELTS exam: a complete study of mistakes that one should during the exam

In this current scenario, everyone wants to study, work, or live in the most developed nations. To achieve better conveniences and explore new places is another rationale to do so. Moreover, to acquire entrance to the most prestigious institutes in English-speaking countries, the scholar should be masterful in the language. 

Furthermore, throughout the year the British Council and IDP conduct the IELTS exam. This test will ensure your proficiency in listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Thus, you have to give an equivalent essence to each part of the IELTS exam section. Well, this essay will give you a general view of the mistakes during the exam. Also, the solutions to resolve them. So, be sure not to miss even a single point to pass the exam with wonderful results.

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Things not to do during the IELTS exam:

Being a test-taker, it is normal to be confused about what to do and what to avoid during the IELTS exam. Let’s understand the mistakes to be ignored on the exam day to achieve wonderful band scores.

Don’t be in a rush to respond to the questions

Well, it is the best advice to express your knowledge in the exam, whether it is in written form or verbal. For the speaking section, take a second or two before giving answers to the examiner. Moreover, you have to read the instructions carefully before writing any answers in the reading section. For impressive writing, take a few minutes to generate ideas and then write fairly. Further, the listening section is going to be more interesting and scoring, if you pay attention to each instruction before the audio starts.

Don’t answer a question if you’re not sure

During the IELTS speaking section, there are some questions to which you are not familiar. The best advice is that you can ask the examiner to repeat the questions or easily explain them. Although it is fine to ask for some clarification, you should avoid asking again and again. 

Do not be afraid to correct yourself

Another tip for impressive speaking is not to be afraid to correct yourself while speaking when you realize that you made a mistake. Moreover, it seems good to the examiner that you are aware of your speech. Also, correct yourself instantly if you speak any incorrect words or sentences in flow. 

Avoid the use of complex words

The majority of the candidates believe that using complicated words during the writing and speaking section is a good strategy. But this is not the case. The most important thing is to utilize the words that sound natural. Moreover, the reason behind the usage of simple words is to make you free from doubt later. While using complex words you may use words incorrectly if you do not know their meanings. As a result, it has a great impact on your speaking and writing band scores. 

Don’t be quiet

Ensure that you write during the writing test and speak during the speaking test. To assess your language proficiency, your examiner will be expecting you to write and speak. The examiner will get the wrong idea if you remain mute throughout the speaking portion of the examination or if you choose to write with blank spaces instead. This same holds true for the listening and reading assessments; any blank responses will be regarded as inaccurate. 

Don’t be nervous 

Without a doubt, it is normal to feel anxious before the exam. But make sure your anxiousness does not control your body and mind. Therefore, to keep your nerves under control on exam day, try mind-relaxing techniques. Such as breathing exercises, giving yourself some quiet time, eating well before your test, and having a good night’s sleep.

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Wrapping Up

On the whole, the above post will help you very much in attaining incredible band scores on the IELTS exam. Also, keep in mind the crucial points that one should avoid getting into problems during the exam.