Food delivery apps: Reasons why people like them

The online food delivery market is going through a rapid transition to match the changing demands of online customers. With every new innovation in the delivery process, a new standard takes the competitive edge for others to follow.

The restaurant industry has seen a big change with the rapid growth of apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats. These on-demand delivery apps allow people to order food from nearby restaurants and have it delivered to them whenever they want.

Let’s understand the reason behind this phenomenon deeply.

Read this guide as a reference if you want to understand the on-demand food delivery business model.


Food deliveries are estimated to account for a sizable 40 percent of all restaurant sales by 2027. It is projected to become a trillion-dollar global market by the end of 2023.

Here are all the benefits of having a food delivery app for your business. First, see why most food delivery chains are opting for an online business model.

Top reasons why people prefer online food delivery

Let’s clear up some basics first.

Some restaurants rely on third-party apps, while others opt for an in-house app. In other words, restaurant owners can develop their own app or partner with a popular on-demand delivery app. Both ways have their own benefits, but there is a vast difference from a financial standpoint.

A good idea is to develop a food delivery app that supports both takeout and doorstep delivery options. In return, you will be diversifying your profits by entering the food delivery market at large. If you’re not doing this, then you’re missing out on an essential and massive revenue stream.

Start thinking from the perspective of your customers, their expectations, and your competitors as well.

Vast food choices

A food delivery app presents a wide array of food choices to the user. This is due to the listing of different types of restaurants with the food delivery app for their delivery needs. Some food delivery apps even offer zero percent commission for the first month, urging more restaurants to add their menus.

Whenever your customers open a food delivery app, an endless list of food items will be waiting to be discovered. From the customer’s perspective, having so many restaurant options to choose from means trying out different things daily. They can discover different food places, like Italian, Japanese, or American, that weren’t on their radar before.


Blame it on laziness or just pure convenience, but people generally prefer to order food online rather than going out. Whether it is a fast food joint, a fine dining place, or simply a food truck or cafe, more and more people want quality food to come to their doorstep.

This is not because of the cost-saving offers or the discount coupons they can use. There is so much more to unravel.

Arguably, eating outside is still popular and an experience in itself. However, choosing the best place doesn’t provide the level of freedom that a user is accustomed to in an app.

In the app, all your users have to do is scroll, find their favorite dish, and tap to order. Going through this experience is rewarding for people who want their food to reach their doorstep instantly.

Real-time updates

To avoid last-minute disappointment, food delivery apps can inform the user if the restaurant will be closing soon. Likewise, a real-time menu also offers updated details of whether a dish is available or not.

By offering such real-time updates from your app, your users can switch to the same dish from another restaurant easily. In the physical world, this situation forces dressed-up restaurant-goers to choose another dish or simply walk out.

Ratings and reviews

Visiting a new restaurant firsthand without any information about its services or food quality is a bit skeptical. In contrast, reviews offer a clear idea to your customers before ordering a food item under budget.

The more people have reviewed it, the more chances there are that food items will live up to expectations. They can also read the actual and latest reviews to make an overall, well-informed decision.

Discounts and offers

Ordering food from online food delivery apps avoids the experience of going through an unexpected bill. Likewise, in the app, your customers can select the best place that is currently offering the best discounts.

Businesses that primarily offer delivery services can receive requests outside of regulars, locals, and other customers from surrounding neighborhoods. This urges restaurant owners to offer flash sales on food items to attract customers.

Personalized suggestion

You might remind the waiter about your food cooking preferences, such as the level of spice and salt, among others. Whereas, food delivery apps are designed to simply display food suggestions and preferences that come with the food items one step before ordering.

You can also let your customers repeat their orders in the exact same manner as they did previously. Moreover, you can send push notifications to tell users about a new combo offer or discount at their favorite restaurant. Such a game-changing personalized dining experience makes online food delivery services a preferred option among the masses.

Advantages of having a food delivery service

For both businesses and customers, online foods deliveries present several advantages that are not evident across other platform types. The following are some compelling benefits of online food delivery services:

Increased bills

There is a 20% increase in check sizes from online foods orders versus dine-in orders.

Save on space

Increasingly, a greater share of delivery volume allows foods delivery services to expand their reach without owning any physical space. At the same time, dark kitchens also present an opportunity, with remote locations devoted exclusively to delivery.

New opportunities

Your business can take care of the logistics part of the delivery process. This allows restaurants to not have to worry about delivering their food to customers. By simply signing up for your app, you can put restaurants on the map in front of millions of customers.

Moreover, the app can take care of issues related to transportation. It allows restaurants to deliver user’s orders without hiring in-house delivery drivers.

This is where you’ll begin to see the true advantage of foods delivery.

Multiple payment options

Nowadays, people prefer “convenient” methods to pay for their foods deliveries. With a wide range of payment methods available, businesses can cater to the preferences of different customer segments. These options include in-app wallets, debit and debit/credit cards, and cash-on-delivery (COD), among others.

Starting a food delivery business

Investing in a foods delivery concept comes with long-term profits. Hence, it’s important to do your research before deciding to develop an app for it.

This choice should be made based on your needs, resources, customer base, and the location you want to serve. Not only is this process time-consuming, but it also requires deep pockets. You have to pay app developers, spend on marketing campaigns, and run target ads before the actual launch.

Keeping all of this in mind, a newer and much better alternative way has emerged and replaced this traditional process of starting an on-demand business.

UberEats Clone – a premier food delivery app

UberEats Clone is a pre-built solution. It is a ready-made app designed specifically for entrepreneurs who want a cost-effective solution to the expensive app development problem. It’s adaptive, fast, and offers similar features to Uber Eats, which is a highly profitable business model in the current market.

It has been rendered by some of the top app designers in the world. With the modern design and smooth interface, you can give your users a food delivery experience like never before. Moreover, by investing in a clone rather than hiring app developers, you can go live in just 1-2 weeks.

All you have to do is provide your business name, logo, payment, and currency options to a white-label firm. They will provide you with a demo that you can test multiple times before making the final decision.


Modern foods deliveries are redefining the way people order foods online. They are moving rapidly to satisfy their customer’s demands with innovative ideas present inside the app as well as outside.

One thing is certain: The online foods delivery trend is definitely here to stay now. So, if you want to launch an online delivery business and save money on the app development process, invest in a professionally built clone!

It is the most practical solution for your foods delivery business. Moreover, you can start generating revenues and making profits without any problems!