Don’t Miss Out: Boat Slips & Rentals Now Available

Are you looking for the perfect place to launch a boat and rent one too? Look no further than the North Shore Cabins! Whether you are hoping to experience a day on the lake with friends, or enjoy a peaceful afternoon fishing alone, the North Shore Cabins have everything you need. With boat rentals available for daily, weekly, and monthly use, you can find the boat that fits your needs and budget.

North Shore Cabins & Boats Offers Premier Boat Slips, Launches, and Rentals

North Shore Cabins & Boats is proud to announce their new boat slips rental, boat launch, and boat rental services on the north shore of Lake Michigan. The family-owned business has been operating for 20 years and provides customers with one-stop access to premier boating experiences.

Located in the heart of the north shore, North Shore Cabins & Boats offers spacious cabins that can accommodate up to 6 people at a time. Customers can rent one of the cabins for an extended stay or just a few days. Additionally, they can rent boats ranging from kayaks and fishing boats to pontoon boats and jet skis – all of which are equipped with safety equipment such as life jackets, navigation systems, and more.

The newly-added boat slips rental service allows customers to store their boats in a safe harbor without worry.

If you’re a boating enthusiast, you know that finding the right slip or launch can be a real challenge. But look no further! We’ve got great news for all boat owners and renters out there – our boat slips and rentals are now available! Whether you’re looking for a place to dock your own vessel, or want to rent one of our top-of-the-line boats, we’ve got you covered.

Our boat slips are conveniently located in some of the most beautiful and accessible areas around. With easy access to waterways and docks, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of life on the water without having to worry about storage or transportation. And if you don’t have your own boat yet, why not rent one from us? Our rental options are designed with your needs in mind – whether it’s an afternoon excursion with friends or an extended family vacation.

In conclusion, the boat launch and rental experience is a wonderful way to spend a day fishing, sightseeing, or just cruising around. The boat launch offers convenience and accessibility for those looking to get on the water quickly with their own vessels. Meanwhile, the boat rentals provide a great alternative for those who don’t own their own boat or want to try out different types of boats before making any commitments. With so many options available at the boat launch and rental facility, there’s something for everyone.

Take advantage of our boat launch and Boat rental services now. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy all that the local waterways have to offer! Get going, and reserve your spot with us today at an unbeatable price.