Discover the Fusion of Flavours: Top Modern Australian Restaurants You Can’t Miss

Australian foods are one of the most delicious cuisines that attracts the attention of millions of food lovers across the world. The country boasts unique cuisine concepts and adaptations absorbed from different nations worldwide including European, Asian and Middle East. Here is a list of the six best modern Australian restaurants that you should not miss while visiting here. 

6 Best Modern Australian Restaurants 

Mentioned below are the six best Australian restaurants that you must try to visit while touring this beautiful country:

  • Aria

Aria is among the best Australian restaurants where you can enjoy delicious food items and at the same time experience the mesmerising view of Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. This elegantly designed restaurant got an extraordinary revamp in early 2016 which changed its appearance entirely with floor to ceiling windows. 

The restaurant provides lip-smacking dishes designed by the world-famous celebrity chef, Matt Moran, who is the architect behind this dream restaurant. Some of the famous dishes that you should try include mud crab, pork jowl (starters) scallops, Spencer Gulf Kingfish, beef tartare, etc. 

  • Quay

Another very popular Australian restaurant is Quay, which is located in the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Sydney Harbour. Like Aria, you can also enjoy the view of the magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge from here. The eatery is managed by chef Peter Gilmore who is bringing innovative ideas to the menu with more and more flavoursome dishes. 

It received the Restaurant of the Year award in 2003. Since then it has become one of the most popular and jam-packed restaurants in this country. Some notable dishes of Quay comprise shaved black lip abalone, smoked eel cream, native marron, bone marrow noodles, roasted pasture raised duck, umami custard, black pig salami, and the most famous Snow Egg dessert.

  • Café Sydney

Another fashionable eatery having more than a million views located in the capital city of Australia is Café Sydney. This is another popular restaurant having a mouth-watering menu loaded with local seafood. To visit here, first, you have to make a reservation and decide whether you will sit inside the restaurant or on the balcony outside. 

By sitting on the upper circle, you can enjoy the magnificent beauty of the Pacific Ocean and Sydney Opera House alongside the delicious food. Some popular dishes of this restaurant comprise Morton Bay Bugs, Pacific oysters, Coffin Bay octopus, Humpty Doo Barramundi, etc. 

  • Africola

If you are looking for diverse African flavours to satisfy the craving of your stomach, you can visit Africola restaurant in South Australia. Never forget to try this eatery, especially if you love spicy foods. Its interior is stylish and refreshing, having coloured vinyl chairs. This is an ideal restaurant to spend good time with friends and families sharing good food.

Undoubtedly, Africola is the most exciting restaurant whose recipes include some lip-smacking foods as well as high-quality wines. Some popular dishes served here include sprouted lentils, salted Cabbage, iceberg lettuce, wood oven cauliflower, melon salad, etc. 

  • Wildflower

The Wildflower restaurant at Cathedral Avenue in Perth is also one of the top Australian eateries that draw the attention of many foodies. This restaurant follows six seasons of the local Noongar calendar. During Djeran i.e. from April to May you can get fish, seeds, green vegetables, etc. On the other hand, during Karambarang i.e. from October to November you will see freshwater crayfish and yams on the menu card. 

While sitting in the restaurant and enjoying cuisine, you can relish the magnificent views of Swan River and the city. One of the famous dishes of this place is the Manjimup rainbow trout served with brown butter, lemon aspen dashi, and heirloom carrot.   

  • Gin Long Canteen

If you are searching for ‘cocktail bars in Adelaide’, your one-stop solution will be Gin Long Canteen. Its grand cocktail menu comprises lychee, cucumber and lemongrass martinis. Apart from this, the place is famous for Gin Long’s salt and pepper eggplant, which you must try. Some of its popular foods include vego yellow curry, exciting beef salad, netted spring rolls, etc.

So, these are the top six modern Australian restaurants from where you can treat yourself to delicious food while relishing the awesome beauty of the countryside. If you are touring here, then you must visit these eateries, or else your trip will be incomplete.