Different Aspects of Marketing Translation

Did you know the difference between simple content and marketing content? Simple content just conveys the message whereas marketing content provokes a purchasing decision. People will understand your content if you communicate with them in their native language. Here comes the importance of marketing translation services. In marketing translation, we translate the content while considering cultural preferences. This translation is not a piece of cake. All your sales of products and services depend upon marketing. Therefore, to mitigate any blunders in marketing translation, you must hire a professional translation company. 

Difference between Marketing Translation and other Forms of Direct Translation

In marketing translation, the translators not only have to give importance to the preferred language only. Special attention to context is also important. Indeed, they must know how to convey the marketing message in the desired language. The purpose of the marketing content is to bring brand awareness and convince the target market to buy your products. One important thing to note is that you can’t use the translated marketing content in every region because the material used in the manufacturing of the products varies from region to region. Therefore, the translator must be very careful in translating the marketing content for different regions. Some cultures consider numbers and phrases obnoxious, while others regard them as lucky. Therefore, your marketing translation should not offend anyone.

Things You Should Know About Marketing Translation

Marketing translation is the best way to attract potential customers from around the globe who speak multiple languages. It includes the translation of marketing campaigns, social media posts, and advertising content for products and services. Marketing translation is a complex translation.Thus, you should seek a translator who has prior knowledge of handling marketing projects. In this way, he can provide you with robust marketing translation services

Where to Start Marketing Translation?

Before going for marketing translation, analyze all the marketing content so that you can know where to start. Initially, don’t start translating everything. Prioritize the content of the marketing campaign and start translating from the basics to the advanced level.

Website Translation

Websites and social media platforms are the best options for launching products and services. Your company website shows an online presence in the global world. Therefore, you must ensure that it is understood by the masses in their native language. Imagine the website is in your native language, and you feel compelled to purchase products from it. You have added the product to the cart but what if you don’t understand how to make payment? So here is where financial translation services can help. Half of the people who don’t understand the payment mode leave the site. Therefore, with the help of financial translation, you can get more customers.

Communication with E-mails

One of the marketing types is to send emails regarding the introduction of your company to potential customers. You will be astonished to see the results of how translated marketing campaigns work with email strategy. Later, you can send the newsletter, special deals, and promotions to your clients.  

Select the Languages for Translation

Do you know that many countries in the world have more than one official language? Switzerland, for example, is a nation with four recognized official languages. Therefore, to reach the Swiss target market, you must translate your marketing content into French, Italian, German, and Romansh. If you use appropriate language in marketing campaigns, then you will get a competitive edge.

Slogans are Difficult to Translate

The most difficult part of marketing translation is the translation of slogans.  They should have the intended message in them so that it touches the heart of the public. When slogans are translated, sometimes, they change the overall meaning. We all remember the Pepsi slogan Come Alive! Are you in The Pepsi Generation? When it is translated in the Chinese language then it comes up as Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave. It was a great mistake by Pepsi in China that decreased its sales. Moreover, the company’s reputation also suffered.

Translation of Numbers

Numbers also play an important role in different cultures. In most cases, in the Western world Friday the 13th is unlucky however there are some cultures in the world where the 13th is considered lucky.

If you are developing a marketing campaign for China then don’t use the 4 number because it is considered obnoxious. Making it a 10% discount will work better in China.

Wrapping Up

Hiring a professional translation agency that can give you impeccable marketing translations will do wonders for your business. You can easily attract customers and earn high profits. To check the rate of investment in a foreign land you must also take the assistance of financial translation too. It will help you in knowing whether you are making a profit or not.