Avoid the Top 10 Pasadena Insulation Removal Mistakes

The most effective strategy to reduce your energy bills is to insulate your Pasadena home. It takes time and effort to become an expert in the skills required for insulation. You can’t treat it as a full-time job. When you decide to insulate your home, the immediate task should be to remove old insulation. You can hire the best Pasadena insulation removal company, namely Attic Boss, for the needful.

Here are ten common mistakes you should avoid while insulating your home:

  1. Forgetting to Air Seal

A barrier called insulation lowers the rate at which heat element enters or exits a home interior. All the labor-intensive work associated with insulation can go in vain. It may be due to the unregulated flow of air across conditioned and unconditioned areas.

  1. Blocking the Airflow

When insulating an incomplete attic, it’s a common mistake to restrict the airflow needed for roof ventilation. Several Pasadena homes feature wall or soffit vents that allow air into the attic. Also, the excess air exits through roof vents. The roof’s lifespan gets extended, and humidity problems in the attic are thus eliminated.

  1. Mistakes in Insulation Removal

Taking out existing insulation is a common DIY mistake. It creates a big mess and frequently causes more trouble than benefits. It’s better to speak with a professional insulator like Attic Boss before removing old insulation.

  1. Overstuffing of Insurance Materials

Fiberglass insulation works because of several small air pockets. These air pockets contain fiber threads. The air pockets prevent rapid temperature fluctuation. When fiberglass insulation is compressed, the air gaps are closed off.  It reduces the effectiveness of home insulation.

  1. Leaving Excessive Gaps

Leaving plenty of gaps in the insulation is one of the major issues. Insulation gaps or improperly fastened insulation can cause immense harm to your Pasadena building structure. It will get exposed to air and moisture leakage.


  1. Adding Insulation near Lights and Vents

You must exercise caution while placing insulating material around lights or vents. These areas are highly inflammable. Wrapping insulation over electrical wiring on your own is a grave mistake. You should leave it to the specialists.

  1. Using Wrong Insulation

Not all insulation can be put in every location. For instance, certain insulation is highly combustible. You cannot insulate places close to furnaces or water heaters. Further, avoid installing fiberglass insulation in damp areas like basements. It might retain moisture and perhaps encourage the formation of mold.

  1. Backing Removal

Don’t take off the fiberglass insulation’s backing. The backing protects your home by avoiding moisture. It circulates moisture throughout your Pasadena home. It functions as a “vapor barrier.”

  1. Neglecting Attic Door Insulation

Attic doors generally lack insulation. You should first apply insulation to the attic door. You can then apply weather stripping to the door’s edges. Without these safety measures, a lot of conditioned air will escape through the attic door.

  1. Using Low R-Value

Heat transfer through the insulating material gets evaluated through R-value. Using a higher R-value may lead to the release of less heat into the atmosphere. It is ineffective to use insulation with a low R-value.


You may want to add insulation in different areas of your Pasadena home for multiple reasons. However, the onus lies on you to take adequate precautions. Accordingly, you must avoid these common mistakes. You may seek support from Attic Boss. The experts will get your home insulated with seamless efforts.