Atherectomy Devices Market 2022 Latest Advancements, Trends and Huge Business Opportunities 2030

Atherectomy Devices Market Overview:

In a recent research report by Market Research Community, the Atherectomy Devices Market is expected to surpass USD 6.35 Billion by the year 2030, from USD 4.20 Billion in 2021.

Global Atherectomy Devices Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 4.7% over the forecast period 2022 – 2030. Detailed analysis and research with respect to values, statistics, and drivers, restraints, and opportunities are accurate for the buyers to decide their goals and objectives. Every driving is elaborated with proper research and statistics from various major economies. The report is not only limited to the driving factors, opportunities, and challenges, but also comprise past scenario and consumer behavior, ongoing trends, and the future insights so that the companies can decide their production volume and reduce wastage.

The companies operating in the industry are constantly focused on product innovations introduction of novel techniques for meeting the consumers’ demand on the global scale. Reaching out to customers across the globe will help market players to make new connections and establish market in other economies.

Atherectomy devices use various methods such as laser, rotational, directional, or orbital atherectomy to break up and remove the plaque from the artery, allowing for improved blood flow and reducing the risk of complications such as stroke or amputation. The market for atherectomy devices includes a range of products and technologies designed to treat different types and severities of arterial blockages.

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Market Competitors:

The industry players profiled in the Atherectomy Devices Market comprise Boston Scientific Corporation, Cardiovascular Systems Inc., Medtronic (Covidien), Spectranetics, VOLCANO CORPORATION, Avinger Inc., Koninklijke Philips N.V, Straub Medical AG, ST. JUDE MEDICAL, BARD Peripheral Vascular, Cardinal Health (Cordis), and Terumo IS. These players are focused on adopting growth strategies, such as partnerships, acquisitions, mergers, joint venture, collaborations, and more.

Some of the companies that are profiled in this report are:

  • Boston Scientific Corporation
  • Cardiovascular Systems Inc.
  • Medtronic (Covidien)
  • Spectranetics
  • Avinger Inc.
  • Koninklijke Philips N.V
  • Straub Medical AG
  • BARD Peripheral Vascular
  • Cardinal Health (Cordis)
  • Terumo IS.

Market Segments:

By Type

Directional atherectomy, Rotational atherectomy, Orbital atherectomy, Laser atherectomy

By End Use

Hospitals and Surgical Centers, Ambulatory Care Centers, Other End Users

Market Definition:

Atherectomy devices are medical devices used to remove atherosclerotic plaques (buildup of fatty deposits) from arteries in the body. These devices are used primarily in the treatment of peripheral arterial disease (PAD), which is a common condition that occurs when there is a blockage or narrowing of the arteries outside of the heart, usually in the legs, arms, or pelvis

Market Restraints:

Significantly high initial investment is one of the major obstacles to the market

Lack of information and awareness for safety rules is also hampering the market growth

Stringent regulations laid down by government is yet another hampering factor of the market

Competitive Analysis:

The Atherectomy Devices Market Growth is segmented on the basis of product, application, end user, and geography. Moreover, the industry players profiled in the report are increasingly adopting various growth strategies to create niche market in the industry, increase their sales, and ultimately expand their global reach. The market is majorly dominated in geographies like North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa.

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