4 reasons why vinyl panels perform better than FRP in a commercial kitchen

Since FRP panels are affordable, they are a common choice in a commercial kitchen. However, the FRP panels come with more cons than you have anticipated. The drawbacks of FRP have made the restaurateurs choose PVC wall panels from Duramax. The vinyl restaurant wall panels perform better as they are completely waterproof, last longer, and are easier to clean. The vinyl panels are a standard choice for umpteen reasons, while FRP fails to meet minimal expectations. Here are a few reasons to invest in PVC commercial kitchen wall panels rather than relying on the thin FRP material. 


  1. Built to last: 


Commercial kitchens and restaurants have to deal with high traffic, adversely affecting the walls and ceilings. Over time the excess heat and moisture can make the FRP panels degrade and fall off. Duramax PVC Panels are built to last longer than FRP and other alternative paneling options. The recyclable PVC wall panels have a total lifecycle of 140 years, but once installed can serve for 50 years without callbacks. Duramax PVC Panels require no repainting, repair, or replacement for years and serve for the longest time. The PVC panels are 7x times recyclable and do not rot, rust, warp, or crack easily. The wall panels get manufactured with inner truss-design technology to offer excellent strength, durability, and resilience. PVC restaurant wall panels come with a limited lifetime warranty and do not peel off, delaminate or fall apart.


On the other hand, the traditional Fiberglass Reinforced-Plastic (FRP) panels last for 25 years at the maximum. In between, repairing and repainting are absolutely necessary for general upkeep and maintenance. Moreover, the FRP wall materials are thin, fragile, and not recyclable, which makes the replacement an expensive choice. Why choose the FRP panels, as PVC lasts longer and is a one-time purchase requiring no repairing or repainting? Get custom-made Duramax PVC Panels within 2 weeks at factory costs.


  1. No mold and mildew: 


The FRP panels have OSB backers, and moisture gets trapped between the plastic material and the backing layer leading to molding and rotting the panel board. The FRP panels swell and get discolored due to excess moisture absorption. Although this takes place over time, the mold and mildew resulting from excess moisture absorption pose a risk for food contamination. Instead of installing moldy FRP panels, invest in commercial kitchen wall panels made from 100% virgin vinyl. The vinyl panels have no cellulose component and remain unaffected by moisture. The PVC panels do not support mold or mildew growth and are antibacterial wall materials that adhere to the ASTM and CFIA regulations and are entirely FDA-compliant. Duramax PVC Panels are a hygienic choice for restaurants and commercial eateries as they perform their best for years without any callbacks. 


  1. Lightweight and easy to install: 


The lightweight PVC panels are easy to handle, which makes the installation inexpensive and fast. Ideally, one contractor can install the PVC panels within 7 to 8 hours, but you can fasten the process by hiring 2 people for the job. Two workers take only 3 hours to install the DIY vinyl panels as they don’t require additional materials for the setup. No backers, adhesives, or panel trimming is necessary as the vinyl panels come fully customized in DIY kits with a user-friendly institutional guide for the setup. On the contrary, the affordable FRP panels require extra materials for installation along with skilled workers charging sky-high labor costs. The FRP panel installation is double the initial material price, as you need to pay the laborers, buy backer boards, adhesives, and rivets and finance the panel trimming. As a result, businesses prefer installing PVC panels as they are quick, economical, and last longer. 


  1. Easy cleaning: 


The PVC panels have a non-porous, smooth surface and are chemical resistant. As a result, the wall panels do not get discolored, faded, or stained, unlike the rough-textured FRP. Cleaning the FRP panels is possible, but you need to be careful not to cause damage as the wall materials are fragile and highly susceptible to callbacks. On the other hand, PVC wall material requires a damp mop for occasional wiping and maintenance of the pristine white look. In addition, the PVC panels are resistant to harsh chemicals, including bleach and industrial cleansers, which makes them ideal for commercial food facilities. 


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